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Holiday skin care tip

Holiday Skin Care Tips

As soon as colder days arrive, our skin feels it right away. The holidays are near, and the last thing you want is dry and cracked skin. What’s the best way to prepare and take care of your skin when cold winter days come? If you are unsure on how to prepare your skin for the cold weather conditions outside, we will let you in on some skin care tips you should follow as soon as temperatures drop.

Skin care tips: don’t let the winter sun fool you

When the cold days come, our skin needs more moisture than before. Usually our face and hands are the most exposed parts of skin during winter. Even though you may find it annoying that you can’t properly use your smartphone while wearing gloves, don’t avoid them, as your skin will suffer under the cold. Oh and, in case you didn’t know, you can find specialized gloves that will let you use your smartphone without the need to take them off. As for the face, it is definitely the most exposed part of skin during winter days. Before you go out, you should apply moisturizer. Even though many think that sunscreen isn’t needed during winter, that’s not true. The sun that reflects from snow may burn your skin like summer sun, so be careful about it. Also, wearing sunglasses on sunny winter days is a must.

Skin care tips: the make up routine

Your make up routine can stay the same during winter, but you shouldn’t skip the moisturizer and lip balm, especially if days like to turn windy. The following skin care tips are essential, no matter if summer or winter: before applying make up, you should wash your face and dub it clean with a towel. Apply the moisturizer of your choice (in case you can’t make up your mind about it, try a moisturizer from Sigma). Then proceed as usual – foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, mascara and a bit of blush. To get a great wintery look, use blue colors and you can add some glitter to it too. If going for such a look, leave your lips nude, just apply a bit of lip balm. Sigma Beauty has great eyeshadow palettes so you should definitely check them out.

Keeping your skin in shape for the holiday season

The most important skin care tip of all is removing make up as soon as you come home, or before going to sleep, either way is good. If you don’t plan on going anywhere when you arrive home, we suggest that you remove your make up right away and let your skin breathe. Even the highest quality make up can’t be worn all the time, so give a break to your skin. Use a proper makeup remover, use facial wash after it and apply the moisturizer again. If you follow this skin care tip, your skin will be ready for Christmas and New Years Eve – it will be fresh, healthy and have a warm glow to it.

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