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Very Simple & Very Easy Minnie Mouse Makeup Tutorial (Halloween 2013)

Best Minnie Mouse Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2013 Mardi Gras kako se našminkati kao mini maus

Today’s Halloween Makeup Tutorial for 2013 is a very simple and very fast Minnie Mouse tutorial. I wanted to include also very simple and very easy to do makeup tutorials for this year’s mardi gras 2013 and for Halloween 2013. I know that a lot of you like my very complex makeup tutorials but I also have to show you simple looks that anyone can do in a few minutes. This look is very simple and honestly you can wear this makeup during the day and just draw on a nose and pop on that Minnie Mouse hat you there you go you are Minnie Mouse! This Halloween makeup tutorial is also work friendly so that you can go to work without scaring your colleges to death!

As you can see in the picture this really isn’t a complex or hard makeup tutorial. Feel free to add or draw on whiskers if you wish or desire! I wanted a very clean look that is more on the sexy side and for people that don’t like extreme Halloween makeup looks. So this is why my very simple and very fast Minnie Mouse tutorial is here. I know many people that just don’t like Halloween or mardi gras but feel the need to do something on that day so this is surly something you will like! Below I will mention the products that I used. Feel free to use the same products that I used or anything that is available to you at that moment! I hope you enjoy the tutorial and please leave a comment and give the video a thumbs up (aka LIKE)!

The makeup products that I used to achieve my very simple and very easy Minnie Mouse makeup tutorial for Halloween 2013 or Mardi Gras 2013 are the following products.

  • Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation
  • Essence Forget it! 3in1 concealer
  • Yaby brow powder
  • Inglot brow powder
  • Essence gel eyeliner
  • Bourjois Black kohl
  • Soap & Glory Mascara
  • Hed Kandi Lashes – (review)
  • Graftobian HD Lip Palette – red lipstick (review)
  • Sigma Beauty Paris Makeup Palette – (review)

Makeup Tools

  • Sigma Beauty Performance Eyes Kit (buy) (review) (10% discount)
  • Sigma Beauty The Cities London Makeup Brushes Collection (review)
  • Sigma Beauty Concealer Brush F70 Concealer (buy)


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