Dr. Hauschka rose nurturing bath essence invites you to pamper your mind, body and spirit. Dr. Hauschka is an internationally all-natural cosmetics company well known for carrying products for skin care, cosmetics and bath and body products. The company is inspired by a holistic approach towards their clients to bring harmony, balance and natural rhythm to the skin. This is why I always loved this brand it just airs nature. Dr. Hauschka Rose products were inspired by the many gifts which a rose can offer, from it’s beauty to it’s scent. they have developed an entire collection based on the extracts from rose blossoms. Today I’m doing a makeup review of the PR product, which I got Dr. Hauschka bain rose rose nurturing bath essence.

Dr. Hauschka rose nurturing bath essence

If you like to take long baths, then you know the key to a good bath is what is in the water. You need something on a natural base to clean, nourish and relax your body. The new Rose line collection also offers a bath essence, which contains precious rose extracts that offers the feeling of a soft, luxurious scent of blooming roses. The extracts from the roses offer your skin protection and care wrapped in velvety warmth of the bath essence. There is not much to write about a bath essence but what is amazing about Dr. Hauschka bain rose rose nurturing bath essence is that it really does soothes your skin while offering a soft scent of beautiful blooming roses.

Dr. Hauschka Bain Rose Rose Nurturing Bath Essence Review

Dr. Hauschka bain rose rose nurturing bath essence review

To keep this review short, This Dr. Hauschka bain rose rose nurturing bath essence contains rose essential oil, rose petal extracts and rose flower water which soothes dry and sensitive skin. I have friends with very dry skin that regularly do take baths with oils to help their skin get additional moisture and hydration. I passed this along to them to give me an honest review. My test bunny did as what the instructions recommended and told me that it really did feel great on the skin and that her entire bathroom smelled of roses. If you do not like the smell of roses or flowers in general, this might not be the product for you. The scent lingers in the air but is not too aggressive. The bath essence is a white cream color and a thicker consistency. This product also contains avocado, almond and jojoba oil what is ideal to use if you want baby soft skin and is recommend for people with dry to very dry skin.

Dr. Hauschka bain rose rose nurturing bath essence

Have you tried this Dr. Hauschka bain rose rose nurturing bath essence? Have you tried anything else from Dr. Hauschka?