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21 Easy Beauty Tips For Lazy Girls

Being a makeup artist doesn’t mean that I have to do my makeup every day, before I became an artist, I was a lazy girls makeup lover. Which means that I want my everyday go to face fast and easy. So here are 21 cool really easy beauty tips for the laziest girl in all of us.

21 ULTRA Easy Beauty Tips For Lazy Girls

1. Drink water. If you intake the recommended dose, you will notice a change after a month. Ditch sodas and other drinks and only stick to water.

2. Brown mascara will your eyes look more naturally alert and awake. Leave black mascara for more dramatic makeup.

3. Nude liner on your waterline (inner lower eyelid) will make you look more awake and hide any redness in a case of bloodshot eyes.

4. Brown mascara for fuller eyebrows. You don’t have to buy expensive brow gels.

5. Black mascara can be used (with a brush) as an eyeliner, if you are on a budget.

6. Add a bit of a pearly shimmer eye shadow or highlighter on your “Cupid’s bow” to make your lips look fuller.

7. Lip stick can be used as a cream blush to get a more natural looking from within glow.

8. Use cold water to remove lipstick stains, but you have to do this as soon as you notice it so that the lipstick doesn’t stain your clothes. Same applies for blood.

9. Getting pictures taken? Use a red lipstick with a blue hue to make your teeth look even more white.

10. Blot after you apply your foundation, to remove any excess oils which foundation leaves behind, then set with powder.

11. Use a thin coat of a liquid concealer as a lip primer to help your lipstick last longer.

12. Mix your lightest concealer with your lipstick to get a lighter shade of lipstick.

13. Spray your hair brush with hairspray to instantly control frizzies.

14. Apply highlighter down the center of your legs to make your legs look longer and slimmer.

15. Use a silicone base primer to instantly smooth out patched lips.

16. Use dry shampoo to get additional hair volume.

17. Roll nail polish in between your hands to get a bubble-free lacquer job.

18. Use olive oil and sugar to get an instant lip scrub.

19. Don’t got hair spray? You can use makeup fixer spray to help keep hair in place for a longer period of time.

20. Washing your hair in cold water, will help keep red hair dye last longer.

21. Coconut oil, not only is is healthy but the best body moisturizer, eye makeup remover and deep conditioner (it’s comedogenic – avoid the face)


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