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Dove ‘Camera Shy’ Campaign

Dove Camera Shy Campaign
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Dove has become very well known by their as campaigns. From their Evolution video to the tear jerking Real Beauty Sketches, Dove is trying to get people to see that they are unique and perfect just the way that they are. The newest Dove ad campaign 2013 focuses on self-esteem issues. The Dove ad campaign is called Camera Shy. Women tend to judge their appearance much more than men due to the harsh media Photoshop and always striving for perfection. This campaign shows how women tend to miss out on the fun things in life because they are not happy with the way that they look.

Dove ‘Camera Shy’ Campaign

Have you ever removed photos off of Facebook, covered the camera because you aren’t wearing makeup or laughing off your bad hair day, well then you will surely relate to this video. Dove did their research and found out that a high 77 percent of women are camera shy because they are self- conscious or doesn’t feel beautiful enough. Studies have shown that women tend to get anxiety issues if they are their own worst beauty critic and will stray away from cameras and pictures. A high 57% of women worry way to much about how they will turn out in pictures, while 46% have removed, de-tagged or deleted themselves from “bad pictures”.

Dove ‘Camera Shy’ Campaign

Dove has yet approached women with another self-image issues that we have as women to always look our best. Dove is telling us that no one is perfect all the time. I personally have had this issues where I would take up to 20 pictures just to get one perfect image.

Do you like the new Dove ad campaign Camera Shy?

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