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You Are Doing It Wrong – 11 Makeup Myths

You Are Doing It Wrong – 11 Makeup Myths

Today I am writing about “you are doing it wrong – 11 makeup myths”. Some of the myths have been passed down from you mom or grandma while others have just been a social myth that you know and stick to. I am sure that some of these myths have made you wonder if they are true or not? Here are a few makeup myths that maybe you are doing and never really doubted.

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1. Lipstick on your teeth is unavoidable – if you tend to get your lipstick on your teeth then there are a few things you can do. Apply lipstick with a lipstick brush will help you not only control how much lipstick you are wearing but also where you place it what can be important for some teeth. Another trick is to make an “O” shape with your lips place your pointing finger in your mouth close your mouth but keep the “O” shape and pull out your finger. If you have any lipstick that wandered off you will catch and remove it this way.

2. Wearing makeup everyday is bad for your skin – This is actually a myth that many people still believe to this day. The problem with this is how well you sanitize and how hygienic you are around you makeup. Another key issues are ingredients, people never read the labels, your skin might not react well to mineral oil or parabens or some third ingredient and then you blame it on wearing makeup everyday. The last thing is not taking off your makeup the right way or god forbid sleeping with your makeup.

3. You can’t fix a broken blush – Another myth many people and shop keepers love to lie about is that once a powder, blush, eye shadow shatters that it’s get a new one. I say no way keep that powder and make sure to patch it up. You can fix broken eye shadows, powders and blushes. (I am making a tutorial at the moment)

4. Pumping your mascara gets more product – Honestly you do get more product when you pump your mascara. The only thing you get is more air in the mascara what makes the mascara dry out faster. Instead swirl your mascara wand inside the tube then remove it. This is the way to pick up more product.

5. Red lipstick is not for everyone – red lipstick is for everyone but the trick with red lipstick is to know which undertone (cooler or warmer) to choose and which shade. On some people a darker red looks great while a brighter red looks horrible. Currently I am writing up an article on this topic.

6. Spray on foundation for flawless skin – the flawlessness of your skin depends on your skins texture. A makeup artist can help improve the texture a bit but she is not magician. Spray foundation are horrible because if you do not know how to use them, and most people don’t, it will come out patch and looking really bad.

7. Spray mineral water on your makeup to freshen up – I am afraid it will only cause your foundation to get wet spots and / or cause it to run. You will just have to bring your own makeup with you if you need a touch up.

8. Expensive cosmetics is better than drugstore makeup – this myth annoys the Jesus out of me. If you are not a professional makeup artist, I highly advise stick to the drugstore makeup with the majority of products. Some high-end products are lower quality than your local drugstore makeup and some drugstore makeup is 100 times better than high-end makeup. For example, I prefer makeup geek eye shadows over Channel or MAC. I find that they are as good as pigmented as they are but much cheaper.

9. Oil Free foundation will control my oily skin – this is kind of false but true at the same time. Oil free foundations will help control your skins oily but they will not eliminate them. If you really want to control your oily skin (this applies for very oily skin) then use a primer before you apply an oil free foundation.

10. Darker foundation will make you look tanned – God no, it will only make you look like you are wearing a mask. If you want to appear darker, use a bronzer this will give you a dewy yet bronzed look and you will seem tanned even though you are not.

11. Mineral makeup is better for your skin – yeah I think this is a myth that has overtaken the internet for a while now. All makeup is made from minerals. Mineral pigments give your makeup color. Before you buy mineral makeup make sure to check the ingredients list since some of the ingredients (such as bismuth oxychloride) can cause severe acne, even cystic acne, on acne-prone skin. Even mineral makeup can be a bad thing.


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