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Find Your Perfect Blush Brush

Today’s post is a simple yet short which will help you Find Your Perfect Blush Brush. Many makeup lovers get confused as to what brush to use with your blush. To be honest it can get confusing. The main thing with blushes is to first decide what shade you want, after that choose your favorite texture. The texture of the blush will help you choose the ideal blush brush. Not all blush brushes are intended for all types of better said for all textures of blushes; for example: cream blush, powder blush and loose powder blush. The next thing you want is to decided if you want your blush to be intense or better said more noticeable or defused. To make this all easy, There is a short quiz that will help you choose the perfect blush brush for your needs.

Find Your Perfect Blush Brush

I hope that this quiz has helped you find your perfect blush brush. Also make sure to check out my previous post find your perfect foundation  brush. Other posts which might interest you are my Top 5 Sigma Beauty makeup brushes and TOP 5 Must Have beginner makeup brushes ror the eyes If you are interested in buying Sigma Beauty Brushes, make sure to use my Sigma Beauty Coupon Code and save 10% plus get a free gift with your purchase. Check out that post for other discounts, deals and special offers, it’s updated weekly.

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find your perfect blush brush



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