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DIY Mixing Medium

DIY Mixing Medium

The only way to use loose pigments is with a mixing medium. MAC has one, but it’s only available if you’re a PRO. So here’s a solution for a DIY Mixing medium with Glycerine.  Glycerine absorbs water from the air and seals in the moisture, making your makeup last longer. You have to dilute it with water.  Make small batches, because they will go bad after about 2 weeks.

DIY Eyeshadow Mixing Medium

The recipe is 1:3.  = 1 part glycerine and 3 parts purified or regular water.
Shake well, get your brush slightly damp and apply the eyeshadow.

DIY Mild Setting Spray

Buy a spray bottle. The recipe is: 1:10 = 1 part glycerine and 10 parts water.
Shake well, spray on your face after your apply makeup and pat into skin.
Excellent substitute for MAC Fix+

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