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Sigma Beauty MAXbag

Sigma Beauty brushes MAXbag product review

Recently, I wrote a post with pics of my upcoming review on the Sigma Beauty brushes MAXbag which I won from Necessary Makeup’s contest. I was so pleased that I finally won something and that is was from Sigma. I was really eager to get this bag since I needed a good professional bag that would fit all my brushes when I was on the job. It hard to transfer all your brushes when you have nowhere to store them and just a simple brush roll wouldn’t do the job. So here is MAXbag product review.

Sigma Beauty MAXbag details

Sigma Beauty MAXbag measurements are the follow: The bag is 14 ¼ inches long what is about 36cm (length). It’s 11 inches high what is about 28 cm (height) and it retails for $29us. It comes in a few fun colors: velvet, bleu and noir. The MAXbag that I got was in color velvet. I like purple colors. Sigma advertises the bag as specially designed to fit your entire makeup collection and it can fit a complete makeup brush roll to and to be honest 100% you can! I try and I can fit a few of my Sigma Beauty makeup Brushes Sets!

Sigma Beauty MAXbag review

The MAXbag is one of the best bags that I have had. When I got it, it came in a flat envelope and I was a bit confused as to what it was. I opened my parcel or better said package and then I saw my MAXbag. it was so pretty and most of all BIG! Like I was like, woohoo boy is this cute puppy is big I think this MAXbag is not going to only fit my brushes but the makeup too. At first glance I was in love. Then I started to pack my stuff into the bag and to my surprise I felt as if this was Mary Poppins bag, no bottom. I felt that no matter how much I was putting into the bag, there was still some space left for something else. In short, very practical Sigma Beauty Maxbag for MUAs.

Sigma Beauty Maxbag additional review

For additional reviews on my Sigma Beauty MAXbag please view the video below. You will not only see the bag but you will see as to how big it is and how much can fit in the bag. It’s quit an amazing bag that is very high quality. The MAXbag will surely not disappoint you. I am very please with the texture of the bag inside and out. Out side it kinda “silky” while inside it has a protective layer that will help you keep the bag sterile and it will be easy to clean. Do you have this sigma MAXbag? Are you planning to buy it?

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