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Day To Night Kim K bronze makeup tutorial

Day To Night Kim K bronze makeup tutorial. This is a very simple and easy look that any one can recreate. I will list the makeup products that I used below and in the video you can see what colors I used so feel free to use whatever you have. I plan to use mor drugstore makeup just so that you all that have much or it can see how to make amazing looks with drugstore makeup. Besides that, this bronzed makeup look was inspired by Kim Kardashian’s bronzed look. I know that the look is not a copy of her look but I wanted to recreate something similar but yet something that can go from day to night makeup but is simple and easy to make.

Kim K bronze makeup tutorial

The reason I made this Day To Night Kim K bronze makeup tutorial easy and with minimum change to make it work during day and night is becauseI am one of those people that I want my night look to be there in 2 steps max. So I wanted to show you how I honestly go from day to night. It’s so simple and easy, on change and totoally change the entire look. As you can see, I prefer nude lips for ay makeup and when I want to glamorous this look I change the lipstick if the eyeshadow allows it. This is why I choose a toned down bronzed look which will allow me to change my lips in almost any color.

Kim K Bronzed Makeup Tutorial Day Night Makeup Tutorial

Day To Night bronzed makeup tutorial

OK do below is the list of the makeup products which I used for my Day To Night Kim K bronzed makeup tutorial.

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