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Max Factor Whipped Crème Foundation 75 Golden Makeup Review Swatches

I was going to publish this makeup review last week but life happens. Max Factor Whipped Crème Foundation in 75 golden swatches and review. Makeup artist Pat McGrath said that the foundation offers a flawless semi matte finish with a bit of brilliance and radiance. The finishing texture of the foundation is feels like satin or velvet. The foundation offers a hydrating formula that won’t dry out your skin while delivering a fresh and matte finish yet with a radiant glow. Let me mention a few things. My skin type is combination to oily, acne prone with an oily T-zone and I have dry patches around my nose and in between my eyebrows.

Max Factor Whipped Crème Foundation

Now, when I got the sample from my local magazine and didn’t know anything about it but that it was a whipped cream foundation, which reminded me of those mouse foundations. I used this one day after moving when I left all of my makeup in my new makeup studio / office. So, I was like what better time to try this on. I didn’t have any primer or setting powder but I was going to try it since I had no other option. The foundation had very velvet to satin feeling on my finger and when it settled on my skin.  The foundation glided on my skin with ease and was very easy to blend in. I used my fingers and my beauty blender since because of the texture of the very fluffy foundation I though a brush eat up all my fluffy Max Factor Whipped Cream foundation.

Max Factor Whipped Foundation 75 Golden Makeup Review Swatches

Max Factor Whipped Crème Foundation 75 Golden

After I applied my Max Factor Whipped Cream Foundation I wanted to see, for my makeup review, of how long it would take to become semi-matte or matte. In seconds, the foundation got the semi-matte finish, with medium coverage, yet it did give my skin a very radiant look. The foundation, as it feels on the fingers, also on the skin is lightweight and barely noticeable. My dry patched (even without a primer) didn’t get flaky. The foundation really did last for 4 hours (then I had to take it off) even without a primer. The whipped creme foundation really gave my skin an evened out look with an airbrushes looked. I was in love with the foundation. The cons of this would be the packaging I really hate glass pot packaging, besides easily breaking (since it’s glass) it’s unhygienic. You have not spatula or spoon to take out the foundation. You get 14 ml of product and for the price I find that a bit expensive. I know that I go trough these more fluffy foundations faster than liquid or crème.

Max Factor Whipped Crème Foundation 75 Golden Makeup Review Swatches

To wrap up this makeup review of Max Factor Whipped Crème foundation, I would like to add that it’s an amazing product that really does deliver what it promises and on my skin type it was amazing. I was so surprised that I would have purchase the product if they had a better packaging. I find that the pot is one of the top most unhygienic ways to sell foundations and this is the number one reason why I would not purchase this foundation. I am not sure how this foundation would react on dry to very dry skin, but I can say that it didn’t emphasize my dry spots, what most foundations do. I would recommend that you use your fingers or a beauty blender or sponge to apply this foundation for best results.


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