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Nivea powder touch 48hr antiperspirant review

Deodorants are my number one products. I mean as a woman the last thing you want is bad BO. I have been changing up my antiperspirant products looking for something with a pleasant scent and that does last 48 hours, not matter what I am doing and I can confirm that most brands do not deliver what they advertise. As a women, I sweats a lot because I am into sports. I am not ashamed of it since it’s a natural body reaction to heat. I always use and strive to find the best anti-perspirants which my money can buy since I love nothing more than the smell of powder. I am not a fan of antiperspirants which smell of flowers or something like that. I want the smell of cotton or powder. I think that smell is the most natural and best smell on everyone, no matter what perfume or how much you sweat.

Nivea powder touch 48hr antiperspirant

I was given a PR sample during a beauty bloggers event from Nivea powder touch 48hr anti-perspirant. I got a small travel friendly version (which I spent in a few days) and a normal full size version which I used for about 2 months. I am fresh out of this anti-perspirant and thought it was time to review this guy and be as brutally honest as one can be when writing a review. I am loyal to my spray and gel anti-perspirants. The spray one is amazing because if you are doing some extreme sports and your BO starts to kick in you just spray some anti-perspirant and the problem is solved. The gel version (in some brands) offers a true 48 hour dry spell and a fresh smell.

Nivea powder touch 48hr anti-perspirant review

Nivea powder touch 48hr antiperspirant

The number one problem with these 24 or 48 hour anti-perspirant products is a dry armpit. Have you ever seen a woman or have you ever scratched your arm pit due to it being overly dry? Well I have had this experience and even a red ring where I used a anti-perspirant gel. Due to my sensitive skin, I have a hard time finding a product which will offer 24 or even a crazy 48 hour protection with a smell of powder. The Nivea powder touch 48hr antiperspirant sounded promising like many other brands. Here is what I experienced. First of all the smell was amazing. It was a smell of fresh out of the shower smell, which I love. The antiperspirant spray contains kaolin powder which is a ultra-light and natural mineral known for it’s soft and absorbent qualities. The formula dries instantly leaving your skin feeling soft, nourished and dry but not dehydrated. My skin didn’t feel irritated or scratchy at all when using this product. The antiperspirant spray didn’t transfer onto my clothes either.

Nivea powder touch 48hr antiperspirant

The Nivea powder touch 48hr antiperspirant, does what the company claims. I have very sensitive skin and I need a good BO protection. This antiperspirant spray not only offers an amazing fresh smell, but nourishes my sensitive skin while offering a true 48 hour protection even when I am doing some more extreme or intense sports. I have tried many antiperspirant sprays, creams, gels and liquids but this one is on place number one, it just bumped down one of my favorite Secret deodorant and antiperspirant product. I will be repurchasing this spray again, my armpits approved this product.


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