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Bird Droppings The Next Botox!?

Women have always been on the lookout to turn the hands of time back on their face. From changing your diet, to Botox, fillers, face-lifts, snail gel, snake venom, lasers, chemical peelings …etc and the list continues. Most men do age like fine line, while most women really have to work at it to keep their youth like appearance, whether it be using certain creams, makeup or other skin treatments. If you have a good gene pool, you are a rare person that doesn’t really have to work at it to look good when looking in the mirror. I think that most women are more critical towards them self, then the world is towards their physical appearance.

The most noticeable craze was Kim Kardashian and her “bloody facial treatment” as most people called it. She is a woman, like any woman trying to keep up with time. Most women admit that the first fine lines or pores are a very stressful experience. I know many women that started to use Botox in their 20s. Most people fear Botox because it’s known to be “poison”, it’s expensive and it can make you lose all your facial expressions. Botox on the other hand when inserted correctly does offer the best results. Each year, a new product or treatment come out in the media and catch on. In Asia, fillers and Botox are very trending and most women change their facial appearance to get more feminine facial lines (I am in the midst of writing this article).

The newest procedure not only is expensive (like most) but also is loved by many A-list celebrities. The key ingredient is the one thing that might make you go “yuck” instead of take my cash. The key ingredient is bird poo, yes you read correctly bird droppings. The A-listing celebrities that smear bird poo on their face to stay young for a long time are Tom cruise, Victoria Beckham and even one Direction’s Harry Styles.

鶯の糞 nightingale facial geisha facial

Nightingale facial

This new treatment has a few names “geisha facial”, “nightingale facial” “鶯の糞” “Uguisu no fun ” and “Japanese facial”. No matter what name is given to this facial the fact remains that it contains bird excrement, which is smeared on to your skin. One treatment of this “geisha facial” will cost you around  £180 for 60 minutes.

So what is in this treatment? Is it really poo? The droppings in question are not just from any bird, nor any dropping. They are from the Japanese island Kyushu and the ingredients are natural and very rare so this is why this treatment is not only expensive but rarely done. The droppings come from nightingale bird, which are feed with a healthy seed and berry diet so that the droppings are organic. The droppings are treated in a UV light and sanitized then dehydrated and finely milled. After which they are combined with other organic ingredient, such as rice bran, camellia oil, azuki red beans, and peach moon water. So you wonder, does it smell? I mean it is poo? The answer is yes! A woman that did this treatment said that the smell reminded her of a barn, quite musty and a bit of mould.

The “nightingale facial” effects are anti-ageing and it lightens your skin, from dark spots, dark under eye circles and such. The woman that tried this facial claimed that after one treatment her skin looked refreshed (like after every facial) but she did notice that the sun damage spots and other dark spots have lightened. She also claims that this is a monthly treatment and should not be done more than once a month. She also claims that this facial also did a skin tightening effect like Botox, but way cheaper and that her lighter fine lines where less visible, but this facial didn’t do anything for her deep wrinkles.

After reading an article about this one time experience, I say if you are desperate, try it but if you aren’t, I think that most anti-aging facial while have a similar effect on the long run. I personally do not want poo on my face no matter how sanitized it is. I find it hard to believe that some creature’s waste is better than Botox. This nightingale facial is growing in Asia, and even though Victoria Beckham has tried it and loves it, I will pass!


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