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Sigma Beauty Frame Up Brow Collection Swatches

Sigma Beauty Frame Up Brow Collection swatches and makeup review. In this brow kit collection is new or advanced kit for everyone that likes to keep their eyebrows in order. This new kit is an amazing add on to the already eye brow kits which Sigma has offered in the past. The Sigma Beauty frame up brow collection can be bought as brow expert kits, which come in dark, medium and light: or you can buy each product individually. The Sigma Beauty brow expert kits retail for $49. Each kit contains one brow powder duo (light, medium, dark), a highlighting powder in bring to light, brow wax pencil, grooming scissors, sharpener, tweezers, a dual-ended brushes E75 and E80, and a large pencil sharpener. These products were sent to me as PR samples and this post does contain affiliate links. If you are going to purchase any of these product, make sure to check out my weekly updates Sigma Beauty coupons for 10% off, a free gift on orders over $30 and other weekly deals (don’t forget to bookmark that page).

Sigma Beauty Brow Expert Kit Review

Sigma Beauty Brow Expert Kit

The Sigma Beauty brow expert kit is a well worth kit if you need most or all of the products. I found that not only do you get what you need for well-groomed eyebrows but also a highlighter. I only wished that they would have included the slim brow pencil in the kit to make it a full complete kit for people like me that always to use brow pencils, but at the same time, using the brow wax pencil and the brow powder duo, you can get the same effect with a bit more effort.

Sigma Beauty Highlight Duo

Sigma Beauty Highlighter Duo

Sigma Beauty also released four highlight duos; each duo has a matter and a shimmer side. You might have remembered that last year’s Sigma Beauty Duo ended highlight pencil which is totally different.  The four shades range from a vanilla yellow (reminds me of Ben Nye banana powder) to a warm cantaloupe to complement each skin tone on the planet. The highlighters retail for $14 and can be used wherever you usually apply highlighter. The highlighters come in four duo shades:

  • Well Lit – matte shade: Cool petal pink (a mix between purple and pink), Frost shade: subtle apricot.
  • Goddess Glow – matte shade: creamy cantaloupe, Frost shade: natural golden shimmer.
  • Bring to Light – matte shade: soft creamy nude, frost shade: neutral sandy shimmer.
  • Ray of Light – matter shade: lightest buttery yellow, frost shade: candlelit shimmer glow.

Sigma beauty duo highlight well lit ray of light

Sigma Beauty Highlight Duo Swatches

Sigma Beauty Highlight Goddess glow bring to light

The new Sigma Beauty Highlighter Duos are each well pigmented and are a good duo mix. The to shades which I love the most and have been using the most are Goddess Glow, Ray of Light and Bring to Light. Those three shades will cover all skin tones. The longevity of each product is good and very standard for my powder-based highlighters. I would even dare to use the frost highlighters in flash photography since they are not glitter based.

Sigma Beauty Brow Pencil

Sigma Beauty also released four brand new brow pencils. The pencils have a new and improved formula and are nothing like the previous thick or better said jumbo pencil, Sigma Beauty Duo Brow Pencil, which they had before. These brow pencils are creamier and easier to apply. The four shades have a cooler and ashier undertone, while dressed up is a mixture of ashy and mildly reddish undertone for people with more red hairs. The Sigma Beauty Brow pencils come in:

  • Clean cut – light ash blonde (ashy undertone)
  • Dressed up – warm mid tone brown (with a pinch of red, ideal for people with red hair or with noticeable red hues in hair)
  • Elevate – rich dark chocolate brown (ashy undertone)
  • Top Shelf – deep dark brown (ashy undertone)

Sigma Beauty Brow Pencil

The Sigma Beauty Brow Pencils are truly. I fell in love with them after using them on a few occasions. I found that they contained just the right amount of wax so that it stays on for very long. I once wore it from 10 am till 8 pm and it was hot and humid and I was sweating and my eyebrows didn’t budge.

Sigma Beauty Brow Wax Pencil

Sigma Beauty Brow Wax Pencil is a new product that is similar to Sigma Beauty brow gel duo but this will keep your straying hairs in place. You can also use the wax to keep your Sigma’s Brow powder duos longer in place. This retails for $11.

Sigma Beauty Brow Expert Kit

The Sigma Beauty brow wax pencil, I use to control straying hair or if I want to be sure that my brow powder will not budget. I found it to be the standard brow wax pencil.

Sigma Beauty Duo Brow Powder in dark

Last but not least you get one of the Sigma beauty Brow Powder Duos. In this Sigma Beauty brow expert kit, I got the dark shade but you might have read my review of the Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo in medium, which I use most of the time. These retails for $14 each and the best thing is that they come in two shades which compliment each other and used both to fill in eyebrows give a most natural looking finish.

You can buy all these products, individually or as a kit at

Sigma Beauty Duo Brow Powder Dark

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