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Kim Kardashian Blood Facial! Is Kim A Vampire?

Kim Kardashian Vampire Facial Bloody Face Blood Facial

Kim Kardashian Vampire Facial!

Some might love Kim Kardashian while others might loathe her, but one thing remains the truth, on March the 10th on the episode of “Kim & Kourtney Take Miami” Kim decided to give herself a blood facial aka Vampire facial! Has Kim turned into a Vampire in search of eternal youth? Has she gone all Cleopatra on us?

Kim Kardashian (#kimkardashian) reality TV celebrity & co-owner of Khroma Beauty Cosmetics 32, is well know to spend a boat load of money a week on her face, hair and body treatments. I mean the woman lives of her fame and good looks so I personally do not judge her what so ever! In her latest reality TV show “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami” which was aired on March 10th, Kim showed what she was ready to do for eternal youth, a vampire facial!

Did Kim Turn Into a Vampire?

If you want to know what is new in the skin department then turn to Kim Kardashian because I am sure she will be trying it! The newest so called “Vampire Facial” aka “Blood Facial” takes the patient’s own blood and uses it to give a more youthful appearance. The procedure goes something like this, the doctor takes your own blood and injects it into your skin with nine acupuncture-like needles and this results in a more beautiful you, wrinkle free!  The only downside is that you have a bloody face, makes you wonder if vampires do stuff like this?

If you ever saw a Vampire movie (not Twilight) then you are sure to get flashback scenes of Vampires and bloody faces. Kim Kardashian has crossed on to the “dark side”, Vampires, welcome children of the night! Kim claims that she loves trying anything that will make her look and feel younger, she is even willing to endure pain just to get there since she cried out and claimed that the nine acupuncture-like needles were very painful! The Kim we know and love tweeted a picture of her blood stained face on March 10 after the show aired. She looked like a bloody vampire! 

Would YOU ever get the Kim Kardashian vampire facial for a more youthful look?

Kim Kardashian Vampire Facial Blood Facial
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