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5 PRO MUA Beauty Tips You Haven’t Heard Before! I guarantee it!

There are so many repetitive beauty tips, but I guarantee you haven’t heard of few of these. These tips are well known amongst makeup artist since the more your work, the more you know how to manipulate various skin problems which can affect the end result in makeup. I hope that these help you out and make you see how makeup is all about knowing the products you have and your skin type.

1. Wider Eye

To make your eyes look wider, make sure to contour under your eye. This will make the eye rounder look, give it depth and in the end it will look wider.

2. Kissable Lips

Make sure to prep your lips (if necessary do a lip scrub) with a fast acting lip balm and then apply some a lipstick which is identical to your natural lip color. With your finger, dab a very light coat of clear lip gloss to get a soft and kissable lips

3. True Dewy Skin

You can use a few product, if you have already applied foundation, apply with your fingers a liquid highlighter, this give a natural looking dewy look to your skin without looking oily and then if necessary apply setting powder over. Liquid highlighter will penetrate through powder in pictures and look natural.
If you have no foundation but want some more dewiness (good tip for dry skin) use a lip balm (not gloss) and rub it into the areas where your want an opalescent finish.

4. Longer Lasting Lipstick

You can use a lip base, but if you don’t have one, like many people don’t, just use your foundation. This will neutralize your natural lip color, but won’t alternate the lipstick color while it help your lipstick last longer.

5. Perfect Skin

Before your apply your foundation (great tip for dry skin) use a 10 minute hydrating face mask. This will boost your skin and neutralize any dry spots which will result in effortless foundation application.


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