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Makeup Revolution focus & fix eye primer makeup review

You have already read a few of my Makeup Revolution Reviews, I love chocolate, hot smoked, Goddess of Love Highlighter and Vamp lipstick collection. Today I’m going to review another PR sample product which I got in my kit. It’s always hard to find a good primer, especially for us oily girls. Facts remain, that all eye shadows benefit from a good primer, especially drugstore makeup. I found that no matter what brand of makeup you use, a primer is always something that you should have in your personal kit. So after using this primer for a bit I decided that it was time to review it, so with no more delay, here is my makeup review of Makeup Revolution focus & fix eye primer.

Makeup Revolution focus & fix eye primer

Makeup Revolution claims that their Focus & Fix eye primer will keep your eye shadow in place all day long. It’s ideal for matte eye shadows and it will brighten your metallic like eye shadows. Basically what all eye primers do! I have a long time ago, stepped away from high-end primers since in my experience a good primer doesn’t have to be expensive. This eye primer has a thin texture, the most watery primer I have ever used, thinner than my Urban Decay primer or NYX primer. A little goes a long way with this primer; just one dip is enough for both eyes. It’s easy to apply due to the doe foot applicator. When you apply it then just rub it in with your finger.

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eye Primer Review

Makeup Revolution focus & fix eye primer

The color of the primer is skin color and it will not cover any redness on the eye. This primer is intended just so that your eye shadows can get a bit of a pop and they have something to adhere to so that they do not crease. This primer in the end does do what it claims. It keeps the eye shadows in place, no creasing and helps the color look vibrant. When testing this with my cream eye shadows, it did help them last longer and they didn’t crease. After reading additional reviews online, concerning this primer, to get to know it better while using it. It has been compared to Too Faced Cosmetics insurance primer. The only true difference is that Too Faced is a bit lighter so the colors do seem more vibrant but many have claimed that the Too Faced Insurance primer didn’t last as long as Makeup Revolution focus & fix primer, you can read and see the comparison by stephanieslook.

Makeup Revolution focus & fix eye primer

Compleating this makeup review of Makeup Revolution focus & fix primer, I have to say I tested it in more humid climates, such as London, and it passed the test. I truly love this primer and plan to repurchase it when I use it up, which will take some time. I just wish that in the future they came out with a white shade. I think a white shade would make the neon shades pop more. If you plan to buy Makeup Revolution eye shadows, then this is a must buy with them since it will help them last longer and become very vibrant. They go together as peanut butter and jelly. So overall, this one tasks the cake and good bye to my high-end primers. Have you tried it? did you like it this much? Do you like Makeup Revolution?

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