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TOP 5 Must Have Beginner Makeup Brushes For Eyes

Must Have Makeup Brushes For Beginners

This short article will recommend makeup brushes for beginner makeup artists or just makeup lovers. When applying makeup you want the right tools to get precision with makeup. One of the most important things when you start wearing makeup are your concealers and your makeup brushes. We will leave the concealers for another time but here are makeup brushes, which I recommend. I will be mainly showing you Sigma Beauty Brushes since I have all of these brushes but I will also tell you which MAC makeup brushes are comparable to those makeup brushes since I know that many people like MAC brushes but you will have the option of Expensive and Affordable makeup brushes to choose from.

Start Makeup Brushes Kit For Beginners

I am completely 100% honest I am not going to push Sigma Makeup Brushes just to “make a buck or two”.  The reason I am going to mention all of their brushes is because I know them best since I use them on myself and with my clients. So, this makes it’s easiest for me to tell you which ones I recommend for your starter makeup brush set. As mentioned I will mention the “dupe” MAC makeup brushes but keep in mind they are more expensive than Sigma Brushes. If you would like to know a dupe from another brand please ask and I can recommend makeup brushes from another brand in the commend section below. I will write more similar articles in the near future about beauty products and makeup brushes.

Must Have Makeup Brushes For The Eye For Beginners

When focusing on the eyes here are makeup brushes which I recommend. They can be bought individually or in a Sigma brushes Kit. I will write about the brushes in the order of most important to least important makeup brushes, but do keep in mind that these are the top 5 MUST HAVE makeup brushes which I think every professional Makeup artist MUST have, now if you can only afford 3 makeup brushes than just follow the order in which I write about them, but I do high recommend all five brushes. If you are buying from Sigma Beauty, at the end of the article you can find my 10% discount code for Sigma Beauty Makeup brushes.


TOP 5 MUST HAVE Makeup Brushes For Eyes

#1 Blending Brush

This is probably the #1 recommended makeup brushto use when first starting off with makeup. I know that the name is deceiving, trust me. This brush is excellent not only for blending out shadows but it’s excellent for applying shadows on the eyelid. This brush is excellent for controlled blending what I personally believe is very important on the crease and above crease area. This was one of my first makeup brushes.

Sigma Brushes E25 – Blending Brush  (Sigma Beauty)

  • PRICE: $9
Mac Cosmetics #217– Blending Brush (MAC Cosmetics)
  • PRICE: $$22.50

#2 Eye Shading Brush

This is the second makeup brush that I recommend that is a must have! This is an essential brush that is very stiff and perfect for packing on shadows on the eyelids. I also use this brush on my lower lids, for my crease and outer V area (with time you get to multitask with some makeup brushes) sadly this brush doesn’t reach it’s full potential without the blending brush, since you cannot blend the rough edges of the shadows which form when you use this brush. 

Sigma Brushes E55 – Eye Shading Brush  (Sigma Beauty)

  • PRICE: $9
Mac Cosmetics #239– Eye Shader Brush (MAC Cosmetics)
  • PRICE: $25

#3 Tapered Blending Brush

Another essential makeup brush is this tapered blending brush. You can have any fluffy blending brush, I just prefer tapered blending brushes since it blending with better control! This is a soft and fluffy rounded tip makeup brush that is perfect for blending everything together. I use this to blend my above crease and crease area, so that all the colors blend into each other for a perfect diffused and blended finish.

Sigma Brushes E40 – Eye Shading Brush  (Sigma Beauty)

  • PRICE: $9
MAC Cosmetics #224 (or #222) – Eye Shader Brush (MAC Cosmetics)
  • PRICE: $31

#4 Small Eye Liner Brush

This is a really good brush and I can’t live without it. I know that sigma and other brand have a fatter eye liner brush but I personally am not a fan of them since they are to fat and the liner on my eyelids is to thick, so when Sigma Beauty launched this small eye liner brush I was very excited and am in love with it. It’s the PERFECT eye liner brush! the size and length of the bristles is ideal for thin lines on the eyelid. Truly a MUST HAVE if you like to line your top or even bottom eyelids. Best used with gel, cream or cake liners.

Sigma Brushes E10 – Small Eye Liner Brush  (Sigma Beauty)

  • PRICE: $9
MAC Cosmetics #210 – Precise  Eye liner Brush (MAC Cosmetics)
  • PRICE: $19

#5 Short Shader Brush

 I know that many of you will say, wait isn’t this makeup brush the same as eye shading brush? I say no it isn’t sorry! This is another brush I must must have in my kit. When I apply shadows on my lower lids the eye shading brush is just to thick and to big for most lower lids. I use this brush to get precision and a clean look on the lower lid. It’s also very good to apply shadows on the tear duct or inner area of the eyes and it’s ideal for smudge shadows or eye pencils on the lower lids. It can also be used to define the outer V area. 

Sigma Brushes E20 – Short Shader Brush  (Sigma Beauty)

  • PRICE: $9
MAC Cosmetics #214 – Short Shader Brush (MAC Cosmetics)
  • PRICE: $25



#6 Pencil Brush 

I know that I mentioned the TOP 5 makeup brushes and I stick to it, but I also wanted to mention a pencil brush. The reason that this brush didn’t make it to my top list is that I found that the other brushes can do what the pencil brush can do too. The pencil brush is also a very handy brush that a professional makeup artist must have in their makeup kit. This brush is perfect for defining the outer V area, applying eyeshadow on the tear duct and for applying shadows on the lower lid. It also has many other functions. I wanted to mention it as the “secret 6th” makeup brush that I would recommend but I do not consider it as a must have for beginners but I do consider it a must have for professionals.

Sigma Brushes E30 – Pencil Brush  (Sigma Beauty)

  • PRICE: $9
MAC Cosmetics #219 – Pencil Brush (MAC Cosmetics)
  • PRICE: $25


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