Bad Hair Days Be Gone

What to do when your hair isn’t listening to you? What to do to make bad hair days be gone forever?!Here re a few helpful tips from hairstylist Amanda. She is sharing her tips how to keep your hair in good shape and to avoid any and all bad hair days. 

1. Trim it!

It’s important to get regular haircuts to lose dead ends and keep your hair looking bouncy and healthy. Trimming should be done every 6 weeks.

2. Comb Carefully!
Who hasn’t had knots in their hair? Make sure to use a comb or a detangle brush when combing your hair wet. This will help detangle the hair while protecting it from breaking and ripping.
 3. Don’t Shampoo Everyday! 
Avoid shampooing every day. But if you must, try dry shampoo or maybe get shampoos intended for daily use and without silicone ingredients.
4. Oil up!
Using natural oils such as mayonnaise and olive oil will makes great at-home hot treatment. Warm up the oil, but not to hot careful, and then soak your hair from root to tip. Wrap your hair in a towel and let it set for an hour or two. When you are done, lather up and rinse! Out of olive oil?
5. Reduce Heat !
As we all know, hair dryers, curling and flat irons can damage hair. If you have thick hair like I do, skipping a hair dryer is not an option, ever. Summer time is the perfect time to let your hair relax and avoid all heats such as hair dryers and especially flat irons. Try to limit the amount of flat or curling irons you use, try to not use it on a daily base.

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