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Why You Get Acne Part 1

If you aren’t in your teens anymore but discovered that you are still break outing like a teen, then these might be the few or even key reasons why you’re breaking out. Many people know that as teens, acne is normal due to our body changing but if you are like me and you never had any serious acne issues during your teen ages but rather woke up one day in your early 20s with many acne problems then welcome to the world of adult acne, we hate you acne! I have used  jojoba oil, to treat my acne. I have written a short journal on  jojoba oil skin care routine so make sure to read that to see what happened. 

Why You Get Adult Acne

Adult acne for me personally was very stressful, why? Well first of all I never knew adults got acne. I thought it was a teen problem. Most adults are not aware that acne in adults can be caused due to, surprise, hormones, but that is not the only reason. Acne is becoming a growing problem amongst adults, especially women, and we women aren’t aware as to why? Men and especially women are always looking for the next best concealer to cover up their blemishes, pimples, and acne scars, but that isn’t fixing the problem. Make sure to read my post on how to cover acne with makeup and Also check out the review of my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Plus review which helped me control my acne and fade my dark spots

Makeup brushes, sponges & your fingers

If you have makeup brushes, make sure to spot clean them after each use and give them a nice deep cleaning once a week if you use them daily. If you use sponges, make sure to wash them after each use and toss them out after three uses (regular sponges). If you use your fingers, make sure to wash your hands well before you apply your makeup.

Makeup expiration dates

Some makeup lovers do not check the expiration date on the products which they are using or the brand does not state the expiration date of the product. Make sure to read my article on when does your makeup really expire.


Some might breakout from parabens, mineral oil and other “known” pore clogging ingredients. There is a whole online theory whether or not these ingredients clog your pores or not. Check online what are common ingredients that clog pores and might cause breakouts. Another way to keep track is to see how your skin reacts after you uses certain makeup products.

Sugar and refined or processed food

Are you addicted to sweets or sugary products? Do you eat a lot of processed or refined food? This type of food spikes your blood sugar and in some can be the main reason why they get acne breakouts. You might not be consuming enough of vegetables, healthy fats and proteins. Cooking healthy meals is almost a must for people suffering with acne.

Deep fried food or nuts

I personally breakout from deep fried food, oily pastries (croissant) and oily nuts (peanuts). These products contain high levels of “oils” which might cause the skin to breakout.

Touching your face

You might be touching your face too much. The oils and bacteria (I mean the bacteria you pick up if you use public transportation, shaking hands…etc) on your hands might be the reason you are breaking out. Try to see where you acne is on your face and keep a track of how much you touch that part of your face with your hands on a daily level.

Food Sensitivity

You might be lactose or even gluten sensitive or allergic. I am sensitive to gluten and lactose so I kicked it out of my diet and that fixed half of my acne problems.

If these aren’t the reasons on why you get breakouts as an adult, make sure to check back tomorrow for why you get adult acne part 2 for more reasons why you might be getting acne breakouts as an adult.

Not sure why your skin type is? Read up on what the skin types you might have.



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