Rick and Morty – Ants In My Eyes Johnson commercial costume Halloween tutorial 2017 – Adult Swim. Here is the simple costume you can wear for Halloween or Cosplay.

Who is Ants in my Eyes Johnson? Ants in my Eyes Johnson is a store owner who appears in a commercial in Rixty Minutes for his electronics store.

I’m Ants in my Eyes Johnson, everything’s black, I can’t see a thing, and I also can’t feel anything either!”—-Said just before being set on fire.

Ants in my Eyes Johnson sells TV’s, microwaves, and radios, as advertised in his commercial. He, however, cannot see or feel anything and has no idea what he really is selling. His commercial ends with him catching fire in his store, but nobody helps him. He is not even sure if items are being sold at sale prices and hopes they are not too low.

Ants in my Eyes Johnson is one of the most loved characters from Ricky and Morty. It’s a fun character to dress up with for Cosplay or Halloween. I wanted to make a very easy and fun tutorial with almost no makeup as to how you can make this costume in a few simple steps with items you already have laying around the house.

Products used:

  • scissors
  • paper (thicker)
  • permanent markers (red and black)
  • tape or hot glue
  • Thin glasses frames (with or without glass)
  • fake wig
  • fake mustache (or makeup)
  • brown lip or eyeliner (to draw mustache or eyebrows)
  • white or yellow stained shirt
  • red tie