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Where is Michelle Phan?

Where is Michelle Phan? What happened to Michelle Phan? Michelle Phan is back? Everyone wants to know what happened to the first Youtube Beauty star. Burning out is what happens to people that are a one man show, or that have a lot on their plate. First what happens is that you sacrifice all your normal interpersonal relationships, after that you start to ignore yourself and in the end, it’s you slaving for yourself. This leads to one of the worst burnouts you will ever experience.

Michelle Phan recently opened up about her burn out experience and how it lead her to depression. She gave one of her rare interviews to talking about this whole experience. She spoke about her work and how it took a to toll on her. She thought if she worked hard, in the long run, it would pay off. So she just worked. She worked on ipsy, EM cosmetics, Lancôme and was uploading and editing two videos a week. Her whole life was just about work. She had no social life. She realized that this was the price she had to pay. She also learned a few things from the fail of her EM Cosmetics and L’oreal collaboration. She also said that Youtube never closes, it’s 24 hours job, just like a hospital. She started to get panic attacks everytime she heard a ding sound on her phone. She realized that this was not a healthy lifestyle anymore. She was done. She needed a break and went on a social media break. She woke up one day and just turned everything off and left.

I can’t do this. I can’t just be this entrepreneur business woman, go 100% all the time, fast, fast, fast, fast, fast, and not mentally break down in some way.

She explained how she realized she was depressed. She took over ten different depression tests online and they all claimed she had severe depression. She felt borderline crazy. That was a serious wake-up call for her. She packed everything that she still cared about in one suitcase and sat on a plane and flew far away from LA. Everyone freaked out but she refused to come back. She needed to find herself again. She needed to reconnect with herself and nature.

She went on a digital detox, cold turkey. Slowly, day by day she started to feel like Michelle again. She started to reconnect with herself and nature. She believes that nature healed her. Nature reminded her that everything humans have ever built around the world didn’t really matter. why? She gave an example of this with the Egyptian pyramids. She saw the pyramids and thought how beautiful they were, but that those civilizations are now gone. So, all these problems that we have created in our mind were influenced by outsides sources. We as individuals have the power to choose whether we want them to influence us or not. After realizing this, she felt free.


After her one year of hiatus, she came back as a new person to LA. While LA didn’t change at all, she did. She came back knowing what she has to do to grow her company, to grow as a person and to bring change. The one thing she really is certain of is that change is coming and it will not stop for anyone.

Michelle Phan is one of the most important Youtubers alive today. She started what many beauty lovers and gurus are doing today. She is a trendsetter. Does this mean she will be number one on Youtube? No. Does this mean that she sees the end of Youtube? Yes. I to believe that Youtube, as we have known it up until now, is dead. I believe a big change is on the way and the way Youtube has been used by many young girls and boys is over. Youtube is growing and what worked up until now will not work anymore. This is why it has been said since day one, do not see youtube as a day job. For some it will be a day job, but not forever.

We are all seeking happiness. We are all just trying to find happiness. 

Michelle phan has now decided to focus her energy on her EM Cosmetics company and has not given any input if she will return to Youtube. Based on the interview, she is looking for new talents.

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