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Why can’t I just use art or craft glitter for make up?

Glitter Is Your Glamour Baby

When using glitter as a cosmetic, you should always make sure that your using cosmetic grade glitter. Craft glitter is pretty and less expensive, but there is a reason it is not approved for use as a cosmetic.
One reason is that a majority of people are allergic or sensitive to an ingredient used in the product. Mild symptoms can be caused like blood shot, itchy, swollen or watery eyes and the individual may have to seek medical attention.
Another reason is the pigment or dye used to color it. Some colors are known carcinogens when used in the eye area! Craft glitter definitely falls into this area. The colorants used can cause blindness or blurred vision, chemical burns, clouded vision, cysts, staining and optical cancer.
 This is serious damage that may not be repairable!

Many craft glitters are also made of metal or glass.The glitter can fall into your eyes and you may not even notice it initially. After the glitter rubs on the eye a bit, your eye may be irritated for a couple of days or you could end up with a scratch that could cause irreparable damage. Again, you could go BLIND.
So please ONLY USE cosmetic grade glitter. 
The consequences are so much greater than the few dollars! 
Be smart !! Think about your health and body first ALWAYS 

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