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Vintage Beauty 1940s/1950s Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2013

Vintage Beauty NYX Face AWards 2013

Today’s makeup tutorial Vintage Beauty 1940s / 1950s Halloween makeup tutorial for 2013, was inspired by the current and on going NYX Cosmetics Face Awards 2013. Since I love this competition I wanted to be part of it since I couldn’t compete in it this year! Yes, I had to reject my spot due to work. Since I wasn’t able to compete in the competition I decided to still participate in it and create all the looks, or atleast try to create all the looks each week or whenever a new theme comes out. Besides that I already created two other vintage inpires looks, The sexy pin-up makeup tutorial and my roar 1920s flapper girl (the great gatsby) makeup tutorial.

Vintage Beauty NYX Face Awards 2013 Makeup

I wanted to create this Vintage Beauty Halloween makeup tutorial that is very simple yet inspired by one of the great beauty legends Marilyn Monroe. This makeup tutorial is not a recreation of Marilyn Monroe since I will be recreating that look very soon, but this is more of that hollywood glamour vintage look that was present in Hollywood in the «vintage era». In the video you can’t really see my hairdo very clearly, I tried recreating a vintage hairdo but since it was my first time in recreating this vintage modern victory rolls updo, Ihave to admit that I failed but I know that the next time that I create this hair do it will look very good but this time around I failed.

Vintage Beauty 1940s/1950s Makeup Tutorial

Overall this is a very simple look to achieve and recreate! It seems that the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and the early 1950s are coming back in fashion very loudly. The reason I say this is that many movies coming out are only about these years and it seems that simplicity in makeup, fashion and even music is very present. People seem to be looking for a more timeless fashion and makeup looks. I personally love Vintage Beauty that is why I did a Halloween makeup tutorial 2013 and of course I love the NYX cosmetic Face Awards 2013 and really enjoyed it from last year. If you would like to see what I used, please make sure to scroll down and check out which products I used to recreate this makeup tutorial. If you would like me to recreate a better version of the Vintage vicotry rolls hairdo please leave a comment on my Vintage Beauty youtube video.  Also don’t forget to share this makeup tutorial with your friends and family. Please like the video to show you support and care.

Vintage Beauty makeup tutorial

If you woudl like to read a review of any of the products that I used for my Vintage Beauty Halloween makeup tutorial, just click on the product name below and you will be redirected to the makeup review of that individual product. I might have not reviwed all the products yet, but do be sure that Will review them very soon so makeup sure to check back everyday for a new makeup, beauty, fashion and DIY post. Tell me from the vintage eras, which makeup era was your favorite? Do you wear that kind of makeup tutorial? Do you like vintage makeup or do you find that it makes you look older? Leave a comment below!




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