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Mehron Lipstix lipstick sealer makeup review

Mehron LIPSTIX Lipstick Sealer Makeup Review how to use

Mehron Lipstix lipstick sealer is my new makeup review for this week.  Usually for bridal makeup or even if you want your lipstick to last much longer there are many tricks that you can do, you might have seen this in my how to make your lipstick last longer.  If you really want your lipstick to be almost «waterproof» than you might have to look into getting a lipstix. Mehron’s lipstix helps keep your lipstick in plave for hours and it will not transfer on to cups and glasses. It will also help present bleeding and feathering of the lipstick. So this is what it claims to do and I put it to the test so here are my few cents.

Mehron Lipstix lipstick sealer makeup review

For my makeup review, I used the Mehron Lipstix lipstick sealer for a very long time. I am always looking for something that will help my lipstick not transfer and that will help it stay on longer. I used a few different methods which I mentioned in my how to make your lipstick last longer, and I can conclude that I got similar results. The best result was when I followed the directions blindly: after applying yoru lipstick, blot your lips then apply a layer of lipstix sealer and let it dry for up to 3 minutes. The lipstick was truly long lasting and it didn’t transfer or move when drinking and eating but of course there are downsides.

Makeup review pros & cons Mehron Lipstix lipstick sealer

The cons of this makeup review of Mehron Lipstix lipstick sealer would be that the right amount it crutial. If you apply to much or to little than the sealer will not work right. Also if you have dry lips I might even recommend on being carefuly with the amount since it might be overly drying and cause your lips to get a cracked lip look. It really took my a long time to get the consitancy right and to be honest I cannot even describe what the right amount is since it you really need to find it your self, all I can say is that less is always more but to little will result in cracked lips. The small bottle of sealer comes with a brush, which I would not recommend that you use since it will pick up the lipstick on your lips and it will transfer it into the fluid, rather use an old lipstick brush or a disposable one. You get 15ml of product and in my personaly experience it’s more than enough. So I overall love this product, but I can say thing is one of the hardest products I worked with after my Mehron Celebre Pro HD cream foundations.

Makeup review conclusion Mehron Lipstix lipstick sealer

To concluded this makeup review of Mehron Lipstix lipstick sealer, I do recommend it for professionals only, if you are not a professional than this product will just stay in your makeup purse or bag. This is not an everyday use product since if you use it everyday it will basically harm your lips and cause them to dehydrate and crack. In order to take off the layer of Mehron lipstix sealer, make sure to use soap and water or your favorite makeup remover. If you need anything else sealed on your face or body then this sealer will also do the job well.


  • drink proof
  • eat proof
  • water proof
  • smudge proof
  • kiss proof
  • transfer proof
  • long lasting
  • for most skin types.
  • remove with soap and water or makeup remover
  • amount: 15ml more than enough
  • price


  • not available everywhere
  • not for everyday use
  • not for very sensitive, thin and/or very dry lips
  • if not applied correctly will not work 
  • is drying on the lips
  • if applied to much can make the lipstick look cracked (creased)


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