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Venice Carnival Mask Makeup Tutorial

Today I am showing you a Venice Carnival Mask Tutorial. This mask was a collaboration with Petra Kozina, she did a lace mask tutorial so make sure to check out her tutorial too! Last year I did a black lace inspired makeup tutorial so feel free to check out that too. This makeup tutorial requires a bit more intermediate to advance makeup skill. Also, expect that in order to make this mask you will need around 30 to 45 minutes depending how artist you are in general. Feel free to change up the mask so that it looks how you want it to look and that it meets your makeup skills needs. Make sure to like and share this tutorial on your social media sites to show support and that you want more videos like this.

Venice Carnival Mask Tutorial

Here is the list of products that I used in my Venice Mask Tutorial, make sure to use whatever products you have in hand or anything similar. You don’t need to go out and buy the products which I am using in my tutorials, but the products that I am using are the products that I love and find that work best for me personally and for my professional makeup needs. Also, make sure to leave a comment under the makeup tutorial on youtube telling me what are you going to be dressing up for this years Venice carnival? Do you celebrate the mardi gras festival? Have you been to venice? Besides Venice being beautiful I do recommend you check out the Venetian Carnival it’s beautiful.

Petra Kozina Lace mask makeup tutorial

Venice Mask Tutorial

The products that I used in my Venetian Mask Tutorial

  • Boots 7 matte primer
  • White Face Paint or  White foundation
  • Face paint: pink, yellow
  • Makeup Geek: white lie, corrupt, fuji, envy  (Swatches 1Swatches 2Swatches 3Swatches 4)
  • lip liner (lime green)
  • lash glue
  • rhinestones
  • Ben Nye setting powder




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