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Frozen Princess Elsa makeup and hair tutorial

For my first Halloween makeup tutorial I am doing Frozen Princess Elsa makeup and hair tutorial. I wanted to create a funnier intro but due to technical issues, my lights and backdrop, I wasn’t able to get it right. I also did not have Elsa’s hair color or dress but decided to improvise since most of you that want to be Princess Elsa this year will probably compromise and do a more DIY costume. What I do advise is a glitter tanktop and under that a light blue long sleeve top. Also you can wear a light blue maxi dress. If you have blonde hair you don’t need a wig, but if you have dark hair a white or bleach blonde wig will go well. You can print out blue snowflakes to add in your hair braid.

Frozen Princess Elsa makeup tutorial

Also part of my Frozen Princess Elsa makeup tutorial I will show you how to do a short hair tutorial. The Princess Elsa hair is simple and just requires a side braid that anyone can do. I have shown it in the tutorial just to complete the hair and makeup tutorial. Overall this is a simple and fun Halloween tutorial for 2014 and other Halloween parties. I hope that you have fun with this look and remember just use what you have. Makeup is all about fun and nothing else.

Frozen Princess Elsa Makeup Hair Tutorial Halloween 2014 Costume

Frozen Princess Elsa makeup & hair tutorial




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Frozen Princess Elsa Makeup Tutorial Costume


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