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The colors of the rainbow tag

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A new makeup tag that is very popular at the moment is The colors of the rainbow TAG. It is a very simple and easy tag, just as I like them. I rarely find tags that I find fun to do expecially when it comes to video tag. The tag today is a very simple tag and it’s based on the colors of the rainbow. The colors that I have to cover are the follow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, pink and multicolor. The tag does not have to be only related around makeup but rather anything you want, even fashion and I know tha tmany vloggers have done a mixed tag with makeup, beauty and fashion items. So make sure to watch my latest and fun makeup tag, The colors of the rainbow TAG.

The colors of the rainbow tag

For this The colors of the rainbow TAG, I tag all of you my readers, subscribers, followers and watchers. I find that this is one really fun tag that everyone will enjoy since it does not limit anyone to any particular thing. I wanted to do the I love drugstore tag but then I saw that even though I have many other non-drugstore items that I just found that I would be forced to like a products that I like a bit less, for example a fondation if I honestly like a high-end foundation more. So this is why I prefer tags which are more of a open-end tags where you are not limited to specific things. I hope that you enjoy my The colors of the rainbow TAG.

The colors of the rainbow tag

Please leave a comment or commentluv link with your The colors of the rainbow TAG. I really would love to read it or watch it!

The makeup that I am wearing in this video you can see in my Vintage Beauty 1940s / 1950s Halloween Makeup Tutorial (NYX Face Awards) 




  • Essence XXL Shine lip gloss – sparking papaya 
  • Inglot – matte orange eye shadow





  • Sigma Beauty Paris Makeup Palette – Seine




  • H&M – earrings


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