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Taylor Swift Makeup Tutorial Highway Don’t Care Tim McGraw

Taylor Swift Makeup tutorial Highway don't care music video official

Taylor Swift Makeup Tutorial Highway Don’t Care Official Music Video, this celebrity makeup look was inspired by her very no makeup makeup look. If you saw the video you can see that she was sporting a very neutral makeup look that you barely saw on her face. In the music video you could barely see a clear shot of her, she was always in a blury and kind of dreamy shot where you didn’t really see her makeup very clearly. Since she also has very hooded eyes and unlike me that has big eyes our makeup looks will look different.

Taylor Swift Makeup Tutorial Highway Don’t Care

The Taylor Swift Makeup Tutorial Highway Don’t Care, will look very different on hooded eye and on normal eyes. If you have hooded eyes this look will look just like taylor swifts makeup but if you have eyes like me this look will look  very different and make you eyes stand out or better said pop much more than they usually are. As you can see in the picture above, it does look like I am not wearing any makeup or better said the well known no makeup makeup look with dewy eyes and a very soft gentle look.

Taylor Swift Highway Don’t Care Makeup Tutorial

Overall this is a beautiful look and I think this is an ideal makeup look for everyday makeup or for any event where you just don’t want to seem as if you are wearing a lot of makeup. This is also a very good makeup look for mature skin since it really does open the eyes and face and give a very dewy finish. So if you like this king of makeup then my Taylor Swift Makeup Tutorial Highway Don’t Care is just right for your. If you are having a picture day at school this could also be worn on that day but minus the fake lashes and bronzer. Instead if necessary apply a tinted face cream and lightly define your eyebrows and apply a tinted lip balm and you can still wear this barely noticable makeup on your eyes (always test it before you wear it) and bam! The perfect no makeup makeup look.

Taylor Swift & Tim McGraw “Highway Don’t Care” Makeup Tutorial

Make sure to continue reading to see what makeup products I used for my Taylor Swift (& Tim McGraw) Makeup Tutorial Highway Don’t Care. I hope that you liked the tutorial and don’t forget to leave a comment on the youtube video comment section with what is your favorite Taylor Swift song!





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