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Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Copper Kit Makeup Review

Sigma Beauty released recently a new high-end se of makeup brushes, so this makeup review is going to be short but it will get to the point. I got this kit as a gift (this post does contain some affiliate links) and wanted to review it a while ago but wanted to properly test it so that I could also wash it and see what you really got for $429. Let’s first see is this Sigma Beauty Copper Kit makeup brushes for this makeup review will justify the price. What is important for this review is to mention what the company promises to deliver and if that is what you get. This kit is not cheap so it’s important to even compare it with my high-end brushes. So let’s get this makeup review of Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Copper Kit makeup brushes on.

Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Copper Kit

Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Copper Kit

For the makeup review, I would like to mention that in the Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Copper Kit you get 29 makeup brushes, which are a lavish assortment of Sigma Beauty’s handcrafted brushes with luxurious specialty-plated 100% copper ferrules. The makeup brushes come in a deluxe carrying case which it ideal for travel and storage. Sigma Beauty claims that you get all the brushes that you will need for makeup application. On the carry case it is written that these brushes are a professional brush collection. So these are the company claims and now let’s see what the facts are.

makeup review Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Copper Kit

I have been using these brushes for one month before I decided to do a makeup review. I did daily brush cleansing and 4 deep cleansing of the brushes with my Sigma Spa Brush cleaning glove to wash the bristles. I have a few collections of the sigma beauty makeup brushes and my favorite was the Mrs Bunny travel kit. The difference that I noticed automatically when I tried these brushes is the softness. The bristles are much softer than any other brushes. Some brushes are a bit thinner than other brushes, such as the blending brush. I like that you really get 29 brushes which all professional makeup artists will need and any true makeup lover. I found that I will use some brushes more than others and that all the brushes are in good quality. The travel case is amazing! If you find that this kit is too expensive, then I do recommend that you get this Sigma Beauty travel kit which is sturdy and ideal for travel. I love that the brushes are the softest that they have and I confirm that these are the best Sigma Beauty makeup brushes that they offer.

Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Copper Kit

Overall, the Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Copper Kit is a good buy or better said a good gift in my case. The handles are glossier than the ones that I have. I copper ferrules look beautiful and really give a sense of luxury. The bristles are softer than any other brushes, which I have from Sigma Beauty. Around 5 of the brushes did shed a bit after the first wash but nothing after that. I have had this even happen with high-end brushes that use natural hair.  After the first wash, the bristles did not leak any color. I can say that this set is amazing because of the quality of the bristles which for me is the most important thing and you really get 29 brushes which you will use and love. Use my 10% Sigma Beaty coupon code to save when you shop

Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Copper Kit 1 Sigma BEauty Extravaganza Copper Kit 2 Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Copper Kit 3 Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Copper Kit 4

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