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Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo in Medium (Makeup Review & Swatches)

Makeup Review Sigma Beauty Eye Brow Powder Medium Swatches

Today’s makeup review is Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo in medium. What is it? Well it’s an individual eyebrow powder that was part of Sigma Beauty Brow Kit collection. You first might have encountered Sigma’s brow powder in their Beauty expert brow design kit. This kit was very raved about online and considered to be very revolutionary and awesome for most makeup artists. Sadly I never got the Beauty expert brow design kit so when I received a few individual eyebrow products I was very excited to test them out! So this week I will feature every day one review from the Sigma Beauty PR samples that I got.

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Makeup Review: Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo

The makeup review PR sample from Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo in medium comes in a matte round portable packaging container that is very travel and PRO MUA makeup kit friendly. The Sigma brow powder duo in medium comes with two eyebrow powders a light one and a darker one. I did however already make a video on how to professionally fill in and shape your eyebrows like a pro using this product, so check it out! The two Sigma brow powders are idea to fill in and shape your eyebrows. You can use them both when filling in your eyebrows or you can use just one.  I like to use both equally to get very natural and full looking eyebrows for day makeup.

Sigma Beauty Brow Cover

Pros & Cons Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of this brow powder duo. Some of you might now that for now I have been using the following eyebrow powders from Essence Cosmetics, Yaby Cosmetics, Bourjois and Inglot. I was very happy to have gotten PR samples from Sigma since I am always on the look out for better quality eyebrows powders. Now comparing to my other eyebrow powders I have to write in my makeup review that Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo in medium has a softer texture and due to this it does have fallouts. It’s probably the softest eyebrow powder that I have yet used. On the other hand, it is the best-pigmented eyebrow powder I have ever used. The two powder shades are idea for medium to dark hair. If you are working with someone that has light hair (as a MUA) you can just use the light shade to fill in the eyebrows. You truly need just a little of the powder to get the most out of it. It sets and doesn’t budge for hours.  For best results and extremely long wear I highly recommend using the Sigma Beauty Dual Ended Brow Gel.

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Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo in Medium

To conclude this makeup review, I wanted to write that my personal opinion is that this is a good product because it really is the best pigmented brow powder that I have used up until now, but it is also the only brow powder that has had this many fallouts when I touch it with my Sigma Beauty E75 brush. I recommend getting the Sigma Beauty Expert brow design kit if you are a professional MUA since you get everything for one fair price, but if you need it for personal use then I do advise just buying the Sigma Brow Powder Duo. Hopefully this makeup review of Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo in medium was helpful!

Have you bought any of the Sigma Beauty brow products from their collection?



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Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo Medium Swacthes Makeup Review

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