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MAC and Bao Bao Wan Collection Spring 2015

MAC Cosmetics has announced a makeup collaboration with China’s jewellery designer Bao Bao Wan to launch a gem inspired makeup range collection for Spring 2014. Bao Bao Wan is not only a jewellery designer but also China’s high-society darling, artist, pop philosopher and muse, in short a true artist. What to expect when you’re expecting a MAC collection? Well with this Bao Bao Wan collection we can expect the face to take centre stage with metallic golds and rich jewel tones inspired by Bao Bao Wan’s very own decorative designs. Bao Bao Wan spoke to WWD and in interview with them she revealed what she wants to accomplish with the new spring collection.

The MAC and Bao Bao Wan Collection Spring 2015, Bao Bao said that she is very conservative with makeup colour but she loves shades of gold. Due to her being conservative with color in her makeup choice, she has decided to avoid crazy colors and stay practical and choose colors which will suit every skin tone. Bao Bao Wan publishes on her instagram, that in March 2015 her collection will be launched in 86 countries across the globe.

The MAC and Bao Bao Wan Collection Spring 2015 will consist of four gem inspired lipsticks, three nail polishes and a beauty powder, all inspired by different hues of gold. You can expect more info about the collection to be launched in Asian press in Hong Kong on December 4th, 2014.

I am so loving this first press release picture, wow is all I can say!

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