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Rituals Magic Touch Review

This small amount of cream was enough for my whole arm 

-This ultra rich, whipped body cream instantly restores you skin’s moisture balance
-Vitamin E provides long-lasting softness
-The ingredient Centella Asiatica naturally firms your skin
-Contains anti-oxidants

According to ancient Chinese wisdom, your skin is a reflection of your inner self. Inscriptions dating back 5000 years reveal that people were already aware of a relationship between the skin as the body’s outer layer and the energy circulating on the inside. Various Asian massage techniques involve touching the skin to treat blockages in these energy pathways. Consequently, your body’s equilibrium can be restored through your skin. Also, when you feel good about yourself, it shows in the condition of your skin.

Acting as both a protective barrier and a reflection of health, your skin deserves extra attention. For example, with a bit of pampering after a shower or bath for the perfect finishing touch. Rituals had this in mind when we developed Magic Touch, an ultra rich body cream that fortifies the skin and restores its moisture balance. Magic Touch offers nourishing properties, the calming effect of creamy rice milk and the lightly sweet scent of cherry. The result is skin that feels amazingly soft!


Absorbs quickly  – 4/5
moisturizes   -5/5
velvety skin feel   -5/5
pleasant fragrance  -5/5
Care action   -5/5
Value for money – 5/5 * it’s pretty expensive but worth every penny
I got this product for my birthday and I must say this is a MUST HAVE PRODUCT.  Not only do you smell divine but the velvety feeling that your skins get left me absolutely speechless. I want to thank my cousin A. for buying this product. This is a product that I will continue to buy no matter the price. 
The first thing that you notice when you open this product is the smell. The pleasant fragrance of cherries and something else makes you close your eyes and all of a sudden I’m located under a cherry tree that is located in a flower field. 
I’m telling you the scent blew me away! 
So, usually if the scent is good the product is OK. 
I took my finger and slow scooped the cream up. As soon as I touched the cream I felt an ULTRA rich whipped mouse like feeling on my figures. 
I have never encountered that a cream can be so smoothly, rich, soft, and mouse like between my fingers. 
It’s pretty easy to apply, of course!  When applying it to my body I have to rub it in but it doesn’t take any longer than any other richer body cream. The only downside is that after applying it to my body, my hand are super silky and it takes a while for the cream to absorb on my hand. I love putting on this cream before I go to bed. It makes me fall asleep with a smile: D 
A few years ago I was looking for body lotions, creams….etc that would leave my skin feeling silky. I had no luck. Until I got this product for my Bday. 

If you want enchanting and silky skin I stronger recommend this product. 

Product was given to me as a birthday gift from a person that is in no way related to the company, I was not paid to advertise this product.

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