Beauty Tips & Tricks,  false lashes


By know you already know how to apply your fake strip lashes but do you the pitfalls?
1. Make sure that if using stip lashes you place them symmetrically on both eyes. You don’t want your lashes seeming as if they start on one eye, for example, closer to the tear duct, while on the other eye they are farther from the tear duct.
2. Trim your lashes so that they fit your eye perfectly
3. Use clear glue which dries clear for the neatest results.
4. Don’t apply mascara on lashes which you plan to reuse.
5. Never sleep in your fake lashes! You might pluck your real lashes from your eye or you might damage your eye lid.
6. Never “wash off” your fake lashes but rather remove them with a makeup remover. Wetting the lashes with water will harm your fake lashes.
7. Make sure to curl your lashes. If you don’t curly your lashes they will seem droopy.

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