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Paul & Joe’s Makeup Collection Summer 2012

Paul & Joe’s Makeup Collection Summer 2012 was released in mid April. Paul and Joe didn’t disappoint use, after the spring 2012 “cat collection” they have now launched a butterfly collection, that is absolutely beautiful. Paul & Joe products are always girlie and never serious. After their amazina Paul and Joe’s Cat Spring 2012 Makeup Collection, it was hard to believe that they could top that one. This is what first caught my eyes. besides the products being beautiful and girlie they are high quality products that are worth the money. Paul and Joe break down the myth that because woman and strong, in control and powerful we don’t want pretty or girlie products. They have proven with their new Makeup Collection Summer 2012 that in every woman a girl still lives on wanting girlie products.

Makeup Collection Summer 2012 Paul & Joe’s

The Paul and Joe’s Makeup Collection Summer 2012 was inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. What means that the collection is filled with midsummer symbols such as fairies, magical and woodland creatures. The products also include midsummer night dream names. Here are a few pictures from this new Paul & Joe’s Makeup Collection Summer 2012. Everything looks so pretty, my favorite items are the body lotion, nail polishes and blushers.What are going to be your favorite? Which items do you have your eyes one? Are the products to girlie for you? Leave a comment below telling me if you like the collection and what are you or will you be buying from the Paul & Joe’s Makeup Collection Summer 2012.

Shimmering Press Powder 

Lip Gloss 

  • Lip Gloss G (001) Love Potion,
  • Lip Gloss G (002) Fairie Kisses
  • Lip Gloss G (003) Dream A Little Dream

Face Color (Blushers)

  • Nymph (001), a pop of pink to add a bold burst of color
  • Nubile (002), a soft, flirty peach to flatter every skin tone
  • Faune (003), a deep rose to create elegant contours

Nail Enamel (Nail Polish)

  •  Fairie Queen (028)
  • Sprite (029)
  • Pixie (030)

 Limited Edition Shimmery Eye Shadows

– can be worn on top of other shades.

Self Select Eye Color / Shadows

  • #26 Gypsy – eye-catching and exotic amethyst
  • #27 Mon Chapeau – cool, captivating coffee
  • #28 Casablanca – sexy, summer marigold
  • #29 L’Artiste – a sultry, silver ebony
  • #30 Plumage – a dazzling emerald green
  • #31 Chestnut – a marvelous, rosy mauve

Blotting Paper (LE)

Shimmering Body Lotion

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