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Mehron Celebre Pro HD Foundation Makeup Review & Swatches

Mehron Celebre Pro HD Foundation makeup review is on the plate today after having been using it for a long period of time. This is a highly recommended foundation for professional makeup artist and is intended for HD TV. I wrote a previous review about this foundation but decided to update it since the old review was based on a short-term use experience. If you haven’t heard of Mehron and you are a professional makeup artist, then you should check out this review if you like crème foundations and are looking for something for HD TV or photography. I will also be showing swatches of the foundation (below) and will update them to as soon as I update my collection.

Mehron Celebre Pro HD Foundation

I have tested and compared my Mehron Celebre Pro HD foundation to my Graftobian Crème foundations. I personally loved my Graftobian crème foundations but I decided to see what else I could get for my buck, since Mehron is cheaper per gram. Mehron and Graftobian have a similar semi-matte finish, but is smoother and dries more matte. Because it dries more matte, it requires very good skin prep and a very good primer so that it doesn’t enhance your dry patches. The biggest difference is that Graftobian offers a better range of color than Mehron. Mehron, even though it has a good range of colors, doesn’t label them as warm, neutral and cool as Graftobian.

Mehron Celebre Pro HD Pros & Cons

Another thing to mention in this makeup review of Mehron Celebre Pro HD foundation is that you get 0.9 ounces for $9,95 (this might change over time). The texture is very smooth and it contains ingredients that offer a soft focus effect. The coverage can go from sheer to heavy. Since the foundation in general is intended for medium to full coverage, it covers redness effectively. The best thing about Mehron Celebre Pro HD foundation is that it doesn’t oxides on oily skin like Graftobian does. The foundation‘s stay power is quite long but longer if you prep, apply a good primer and set with the Mehron Celebre Pro HD setting powder or pressed powder. I also do not get any breakouts, unlike with my Revlon colorstay foundation. The foundation is oil free, fragrance free and it contain antioxidants and the finish is not flat matte.

Mehron Celebre Pro HD Foundation Conclusion

To complete this makeup review of Mehron Celebre Pro HD foundation, I would like to say that I got the best results when using the Mehron Celebre pro HD setting or pressed powder. I used other setting powders but didn’t get the same finish. On camera this foundation looks beautiful and flawless and I use my mehron color corrector and concealer wheel to cover any other flaws. I would also like to mention that I apply this foundation with my Sigma Beauty round top kabuki brush (Sigma Beauty Coupons) or a damp sponge. I do not recommend applying this foundation with your fingers since crème and liquids are not the same thing.

  • A lot of people have been asking me about the Mehron Celebre Pro Foundation review – undertones so I’m going to list the undertones as they seem to me. This might not be 100% accurate but it’s close! Got a question? Ask away!
  • Mehron before set with a powder looks amazing on the skin and very natural. It does not feel like a mask.
  • You must use a good primer and prep the skin in order for the foundation to not flake on dry spots on the face
  • Mehron celebre pro is recommended for oily – normal skin skin (doesn’t work best with dry skin, make sure to super hydrate it if you have dry skin)
  • Stay power is long with using the Mehron Celebre Pro HD Mineral loose Setting Powder or Mehron Celebre Pro HD pressed powder

Mehron Celebre Professional HD Foundation Palette Review

Mehron Celebre Pro Foundation LT 1- 4 undertones

  • LT1 – cool undertone
  • LT2 – neutral undertone (more pink)
  • LT3 – warm undertone (yellow)
  • LT4 – cool undertone (pinkish)

Mehron Celebre Pro Foundation ME 1- 4 undertones

  • ME1 – warm undertone (yellow)
  • ME2 – neutral undertone
  • ME3 – cool undertone (pinkish)
  • ME4  – neutral (more on the pink side)

Mehron Celebre Pro Foundation MD 1- 4 undertones

  • MD1 – warm undertone
  • MD2 – neutral undertone
  • MD3 – warm undertones
  • MD4 – cool undertone

Mehron Celebre Pro Foundation DK 1- 4 undertones

  • DK1 – warm undertone 
  • DK2 – neutral
  • DK3 -warm undertone
  • DK4 – neutral – warm undertone

Mehron Celebre Pro Foundation Eurasia

  • Eurasia Ivory – lightest olive undertone
  • Eurasia Fair – olive undertone
  • Eurasia Japonais – yellow undertone
  • Eurasia Chinois – olive undertone

All pictures taken on natural sun light / no flash

LT1,  LT2,  LT3,  LT4

Mehron LT Series Swatches
ME1,  ME2,  ME3,  ME4
Mehron ME series
Mehron MD series
Comparison with Graftobian Shades
Mehron & Graftobian
Mehron & Graftobian
Mehron & Graftobian
Mehron & Graftobian
Mehron & Graftobian
Mehron & Graftobian


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