Celebrity Halloween Makeup / Costumes is one of the second funnest thing to look at when Halloween is over. The Makeup / costumes which I was waiting for. Heidi has thrown her 12th annual Halloween party. I found out that Heidi Klum’s Halloween makeup /costume, visible woman, was hand-painted? Shocking I know! I was 100% that it was a costume. When I read that I instantly became interested in who did that amazing work. I wanted to know was this airbrush makeup? What cosmetics and makeup brushes did they use?

Halloween Makeup, who done it!?

Sometimes it’s obvious that the Halloween makeup on the celebrity was done by professionals, but other times I wonder if they did their own makeup. Not thinking that their is something wrong with the makeup, but just in general I would love to know which celebrity put in the effort in doing their own Halloween makeup or costume. If there was a celebrity that did their own makeup I would love to know who they were / are. Halloween is such a fun holiday since we can call it fantasy holiday where you can be what ever you imagine. I seriously look forward to Heidi Klum’s Halloween party each year. I want to know what Halloween makeup or costume she will be wearing.

Makeup tips and tricks for Halloween

I think I saw somewhere online a few makeup tips and tricks for Halloween by Heidi Klum. I am not sure was it makeup related or was it about Halloween decoration. It would be cool if we could get a few Halloween makeup tips and tricks from celebrity MUAs. I think that most of the makeup we see on celebrities for Halloween is quit fun and well done. I did a last minute Halloween makeup tutorial the day before Halloween since it was requested by my Cousin. I wish that I had more time to focus on my last minute Halloween Makeup tutorial. NOTE: Picture Heavy Post

Tell me: Which is your favorite celebrity Halloween costume?

Rochelle Wiseman
Jessica Wright
Lea Michele
Nicole Richie
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Kim Kardashian
Katherine Jenkins
Paris Hilton &  Eli Roth
The Only Way Is Essex star Sam Faiers
Heidi Klum (Visible Woman costume – hand painted O_o)
 Jersey Shore’s Pauly D
 Jersey Shore’s sexy Snooki
Jessica Simpson (twitter)
Chloe Green
 Pixi Lott