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ELF High Definition Powder makeup review

ELF Cosmetics HD setting powder is translucent which means that it’s clear and will not affect the color of your foundation. This loose powder creates flawless but a soft focus effect. It’s masks fine lines and imperfections to create a glowing and radiant complexion. With this makeup review of  ELF cosmetics Hd setting powder I will show you how incredibly soft and invisible powder the ELF HD powder really is. You can wear it for everyday wear, alone to cover pores or over your favorite foundation. This Elf HD Powder is many makeup artists favorite setting powder. It’s also been compared to Make up For Ever HD setting powder.

ELF High Definition Powder makeup review

Let’s start this makeup review of ELF’s HD setting powder by defining what this is! I have been using this product for a few month (about 6) before I decided to give a proper detailed review. Let’s first look at the facts. This isn’t a talc-based powder, which would leave the skin chalky and “aged” finish. The e.l.f. HD powder contains 2 main ingredients: Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer and Silica. The silica is a powder that is an absorbent mineral which will stop your skin from looking shiny resulting in having your makeup looking fresh for a long period of time. The powder is white, but becomes clear or better said translucent on face, it also has a fine-texture, soft on touch and it really feels silky on the skin.

ELF HD powder makeup review

I will now focus on the packaging of the ELF Cosmetics HD powder. It comes in a large plastic “box” or better said container. I do love how big it is and it’s easy to store due to the box shape. The only thing, base on my beauty product review, I wish it had was a rubber inner rim so that the fine-textured powder wouldn’t get out. It comes with a powder puff which I have used a few times. The packaging has a sifter which holds the powder from coming out all at once. (pic below) One important , which I will point out in the ELF HD Setting powder makeup review, concerning the packaging is that as you can see, I didn’t fully remove the protective sticker which comes over the sifter. I do not recommend removing it fully, because if you do then it gets “messy”, even when you close the container the powder will still come out since it very fine-textured. You can also just remove the sifter each time you are going to use it and not touch the protective sticker. One thing that I expected but again disappointed me was that the powder wasn’t filled to the top! Another thing to mention in this makeup review is that when you open the contain, you logically expect the whole or even half of the contain full but in reality you get so much less, you get such a small amount that it’s shocking.

ELF Cosmetics HD setting powder makeup review

The answer in this makeup review of ELF’s HD setting powder that all of you want to know is, does it really do what it says? To be honest yes it does! I have been testing this product for some time now and I was so surprised with the results that I am in love with it. The silica really does stop me from sweating and the dimethicone really does give a smooth amazing finish. In pictures it will help your face seem smoother to some point. The Elf setting powder gives your skin a smooth and some what silky finish. I have used it as a setting powder and I really like it. I prefer using it more as a daily setting powder then anything else. It’s not too heavy but it gets the job done. It gives me an oil free look for a long time. I highly recommend using this as a setting powder for your liquid foundation. Also MUFE HD setting powder and the ELF HD setting powder contain the same ingredients but the MUFE is a bit silkier but at the end of the day, they are both the same product.

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