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Makeup review: Sigma Beauty individual eye shadow approach, control, crush, louvres, and resist

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This makeup review & swatches are of Sigma Beauty individual eye shadow collection in approach, control, crush, louvres, and resist. These eye shadows are part of Sigma Beauty’s individual  eye shadows collection. Louvres is part of the Sigma Beauty Paris Makeup Palette, make sure to read my review if you are interested in the palette so you can see the full swatches from that palette. Now you can get each individual  eye shadow from any Sigma Beauty  eye shadow palette at Also make sure to check back on Sigma Beauty’s website and see the new eye shadows which are not part of any current eye shadow collection or palette, new limited edition eye shadows are coming soon.


Review: Sigma Beauty Individual eye shadow collection

So since I really like the eye shadows which were part of the Paris makeup palette, I was looking forward to reviewing these Sigma’s eye shadows on my site. Now let’s look at the packaging. The eye shadows come in a sturdy and back circular container with a clear top with Sigma’s Beauty‘s logo. Not sure how much grams the makeup review individual eye shadow contains. It’s not noted anywhere where I can see. I do like the packaging it really is sturdy and easy to transfer in a makeup artist bag or your normal every day bag. Now let’s look at each eye shadow individually and find out what I liked and didn’t like about them.


Sigma Beauty individual eye shadow pros & cons review

Each Sigma Beauty individual eye shadows come in a wide range of shades and finishes from Sigma’s best eye shadow selling palettes. The best thing about these individual eye shadows is that you can mix and match to get the customized Sigma eye shadow collection that you want. As with all palettes, you are never truly 100% satisfied with all the eye shadows so this gives you the chance to be 100% satisfied. Crush is a duo-chrome hazel eye shadow that you can’t notice is a duo-chrome in the picture, since I didn’t take the picture in direct sun light. Crush is very well pigmented. Approach is a sheen ivory that is to my surprise well pigmented and not chalky. Resist is a frost plum eye shadow that is really well pigmented and perfect for blue, green and brown eyes. Control is a matte black eye shadow that is a pigmented black but after Urban Decay naked 2 Blackout eye shadow nothing is as pigmented as that eye shadow. Louvre is a matte cerulean which is the last makeup review of Sigma Beauty individual eye shadow


Makeup Review Individual Eye Shadow Conclusion + Sigma Beauty Coupon 2014

To sum up this makeup review of Sigma Beauty’s individual eye shadow collection, are they worth it? I think they are a much better deal than buying an eye shadow palette if you are only looking for specific colors. The eye shadows which I got are well pigmented and come in a sturdy packaging. All five eye shadows didn’t have any fall out. I do also have to mention to get the most out of the eye shadows, I do advice to use Sigma Beauty’s eye bases. Check out all the new eye shadows on Sigma Beauty’s website. Each eye shadow is $11 each, but feel free to use this months sigma brushes coupon for 2013 and save 10% on your order. Click here for all my Sigma Beauty Coupons for 2014

* I love that the whole collection is perfect for my hazel eyes!

Final Rating
Product  4.8/5
Pigmentation  4.8/5
Texture  4/5
Longevity  4.8/5
Application  4/5 


*PR sample

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