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Kryolan RED ALERT event red lipstick

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This week I attended a beauty event hosted by Kryolan Croatia. I was in town and was able to attend this event. So today I will bring you a post with a few interesting things which we discovered at the event and what I was chatting up with other beauty bloggers.

Kryolan Valentine’s Beauty Blogger Event

For this Kryolan RED ALERT event discovering the perfect Kryolan red lipstick. So some of you might say hey, one red lipstick it like any other red lipstick, and I will confirm that uš until now I agree with you. I was convinced that I found the perfect red lipstick from my Graftobian HD lips palette but I had one serious problem these lipsticks (read the review and find out what). I was always on the look out for lipsticks that have amazing stay power and that are so pigmented that you want to slap yourself in the face and of course that it doesn’t cost me a leg and an arm. Once when I was in the Kryolan shop a makeup artist from the local theater was speaking about the perfect red lipstick and of course she mentioned Kryolan. Of course I was not in the mood to waste more money on lipstick since I have a huge palette at home, so I was very excited about this event to find out was that THAT lipstick the makeup artist was mentioning, read on…..

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Short history or lipstick

Let me “tell” you a bit about the history of lipstick! Do you know when lipstick first appeared? Think about it, I’ll give you 30 seconds, take your time…Wrong! Nope! Wrong again! and maybe there is a yes amongst one of you! I will not be writing up a long and boring history of lipstick but rather passing along some interesting information! The first ever dated lipstick created was from Ancient Mesopotamia. The first women to invent and wear lipstick crushed gemstones and used them to decorate their lips. My lord when I hear this I cringe. Cleopatra was the next person to wear lipstick but as much as I was informed her lipstick was also toxic. Maybe it wasn’t suicide, maybe it was her toxic lipstick that killed her. Also in that time normal people wore lipstick but since they couldn’t buy the ingredient that Cleopatra used they used what they found in nature. The common people used seaweed what was not only really pigmented but it was safe. After that we see lipstick appear in France amongst the more important people, such as queens (maybe a king) and other royal families. The most interesting thing about that era is that is the era when red lipstick first appeared.
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The next more important era of lipstick was the 1920’s. Flapper girls (oh I have a flapper makeup tutorial, check it out!) wore lipstick as a symbol of independence. In the 1930’s lipstick was still a kind of “taboo” thing and it was worn as a symbol of a woman rebel and/or a mature woman. Usually in the 30s women would wear lipstick only for lunch and never for dinner. During World War 2, red lipstick was very trendy and was worn as a symbol of glamour and was available for the general public. This was the first time after a long time when the chemical ingredient changed in order to make cheaper lipsticks available for the general public. In the 1950’s the red lipstick became an ICON and was a symbol of a classic look which was worn by many Hollywood Divas! In the 1960’s the chemical ingredient change again and now lipstick was something that was considered long lasting. During the “Twiggy era” (check out my modern hippie makeup tutorial) as I like to call it, lipstick finally took that big leap and launched nude lipsticks.

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The 1980’s were fun, you can notice that not only in the 80’s movies, but by the clothes, hair and lipstick. If you are an 80’s child or young adult then you must have tried mood lipstick. I know I did. The lipstick changes color based on temperature. I want one today to be honest! In the 90’s it was all about darker lips. This is when brown lips were a must, look back at our 90’s super models. Welcome back to the 21 century! today lipstick not only changed it’s ingredients but I must admit all makeup is becoming as healthy as possible. The texture, colors, ingredients, you name it they changed it! So that was the brief history of lipstick and it all started with the red lips. Hope you liked it! Did you know all of this? Leave a comment below!

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The perfect red lips

The number one thing of red lipstick is choosing the correct shade. I will try to explain as simple as possible to help you choose the best red shade. One thing that I haven’t found up until now, was a red that suit everyone and their mother! With red lipsticks it’ best to take note of what undertone is in question! If you have a cool undertone, you need a red lipstick that has a cool undertone. If you have a warm undertone, you need a red lipstick with a warm undertone. It’s that simple. If you are not sure, try on different shades and see what suits you best. To be fully honest, the best place to test red lipstick is on your lips, some makeup artists do advice the tips of your fingers. I know that I have naturally very red pigmented lips, so what ever has a bit of red pigment in it, it becomes VERY red on my lips!

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This piece of art was tempting to steal! If would go perfectly with my decor!

Who is it? Kryolan!

Kryolan’s makeup artist, showed us a demonstration of a simple Valentine’s makeup look but wanted to focus on the lips. She used a beautiful red shade that looked timeless, the shade that I am talking about is LCP650. I do plan to write up a detailed review tomorrow morning and publish it so you get more info. You can view the pictures below! In short the event was really helpful since I finally got my hands on the only red lipstick that works with everyone. I know everyone? I know everyone!!! The red lipstick looks like a medium red when you look at it, but as you can see it turned bright red on my lips. It’s like it has some secret ingredients that helps it adapt to the lips it’s working on!

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Kryolan Red Lipstick Event Zagreb

There were many sweets and goodies but as many of you know I am on a strict paleo/primal diet + some other things (grain free, gluten free, raw sugar free and lactose free) and honestly don’t plan to get off it since I have to be on it! I didn’t enjoy those goodies but I sure did take pictures of the event. The model during the event was one of the beauty bloggers Vesna from (beauty&mess). I spent the first half of the time getting to know the makeup products which were being applied on the model and the other half taking pictures and chit-chatting with my fellow bloggers. It was really nice to hang out with them for once when I wasn’t stressed out or in a hurry to get somewhere.

Enjoy the pictures

p.s this was held at there beauty school!

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Last but not even close to the least… THE red lipstick.. that got me screaming.. REVIEW coming TOMORROW.. I tested this baby right away!!

Kryolan LCP650 review swatches red lipstick savrseni crveni ruz za usne



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