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How to Depot a Blush

How to Depot MAC Blush

Today I’m going to show you, how to depot a blush that comes in metal pans. It’s best to test with a magnet in order to determine if the pan is made out of tin or metal. Metal will adhere to magnets while tin will not. Now I wanted to make a very simple tutorial that you can do if you have a flat-iron. The blush that I am using is from Misslyn and sadly it was a tin pan not a metal pan, so expect a new tutorial how to transfer blush from a tin pan to a metal pan.

How to depot blush in metal pans

What you’ll need:

  • A small tool (Swiss Army knife)
  • Flat-iron
  • Baking sheet/paper
  • Gloves (not required but recommended)
  • New magnetic palette (I used my own DIY magnetized palette that I made, check out the tutorial)

Step By Step How to Depot Makeup in Metal Pans

1.Prepare: Turn your flat-iron on the hottest setting and place a baking sheet or baking paper over the heated part, as seen in step 1 of the pictures. Then place the blush that is in a very simple container, such as the Misslyn blush that I am using here, over the baking sheet. The heat will start to loosen the glue and deform the container if the container is plastic. This process will last about 30 – 50 seconds; it depends on your flat—iron.

2. Pop Out: Now when the glue loosens and while the container is still warm, maybe use some gloves if it’s hot, and CAREFULLY wiggle a thin knife or spatula to loosen and pop out the metal pan. If you have a hard time popping out the metal pan, go back to step 1. If the problem persists, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to help loosen the glue.

3. Clean, Label & Store: Clean the bottom of the pan with rubbing alcohol to remove any glue that might be left on the bottom of the pan. With a self-adhesive sheet label the pan on the bottom of the pan or label the pan within the palette.

Now you’re done! Place your de-potted blush or any other makeup product that you decided to depot into your magnetic palette!


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