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Lies, DragCon, racism and downfall of James Charles EXPOSED

It’s time to start some Youtube Gossip because a lot has been going around on Youtube. Our topic of the day is James Charles. He was caught lying to fans about canceling his meet and greet. He claimed he was sick and didn’t have the energy to do it while he was seen and self-exposed himself on DragCon. At DragCon, James used his “fame” to cut line and get free photos with famous Latrice Royale.

James Charles was recently exposed for faking his viral yearbook photos. The same picture that made him famous. It was all a BIG lie. He photoshopped the images with permission from the photographer.

James Charles also had multiple racist slurs on his twitter account.

Is this the downfall of James Charles? You be the judge. Here are a few videos talking in detail about these recent events concerning James Charles by Here For The Tea. 

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