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21 Day Fix – Program

There is a new workout program out there and it’s the real deal. No starving, no throwing out food, not cutting back. In 21 days you will lose weight, at least 3 – 5 kilos. So what do you need to know? The 21-day fix is an easy way to lose weight and or get fit. It is made up of two parts:

  1. Workout program
  2. Eating plan

The 21 day fix workout program consists of seven 30-minute, moderate-intensity workouts for every day. There is no day off. You also get a 10-minute abs workout, which you can add to any of your days. The workouts consist of:

  • Total body cardio fix
  • Upper fix
  • Lower fix
  • Pilates fix
  • Cardio fix
  • Dirty 30
  • Yoga fix
  • 10-minute abs fix

Every day you do one of the exercises; you have a 21 day fix weekly workout program you follow so you don’t have to come up with your own program. Besides that you are using a different part of your body on a daily base. You will, however, need weights. You can use dumbbells or resistance bands, which are not included in the kit.

What to expect with 21 day fix?

From the first day, you will feel a difference, from portion control to working out. You will feel sore muscles. On the positive note, you only workout 30 minutes per day what is less than going to a high-intensity aerobics class or weight training.

21 day fix meal prep/eating plan

For me, this was the hardest thing to get a grip on. You get portion control containers and each one if for a certain type of food. I would highly recommend you to Google to see what others, with the targeted calorie intake, have meal prepped.

21 day fix containers colors

  • Green – veggies
  • Purple – fruits
  • Red – proteins
  • Yellow – Carbs
  • Blue – healthy fats
  • Orange – dressing
  • 2 TBSP – oils and nut butters

When you get the book, you will get a simple equation to determine how many calories per day you need to eat each day, based on your current weight. No more calories counting. The 21 day fix containers look small, but you will be stuffed. You can eat 5 – 6 meals a day, which include snacks. I have watched a video with Autumn Calabrese who also claims that you can divide it all into 3 meals a day, what suit some other people due to their life style. Autumn also included in the 21 day fix program, a “countdown to a competition” plan, a three day eating plan which they use before a bikini competition. I don’t see myself using this personally, but she has everyone covered. You will see an image below how a full cup of container looks like. The main thing is that you can close the container without forcing it. Don’t over pack. Some of you might be asking but what about treats? Well treats you can eat three times a week, but make sure to check out the 21 day fix approved treats. Juices, wine and milk you can drink three times a week, just like cheese. In addition to all that you get a Shakeology shaker and ideas for shakes to make for your snacks.

What you need to start 21 day fix?

  • Light weights
  • Heavy weights (or a set of resistance bands)
  • Yoga mat

This article has nothing to do with the 21 day extreme fix. This article only writes about 21 day (essential) kit. What I would recommend is that you Google and see what others have made as part of their meal plan. This will give you an idea of how much and what you will eat. Based on reviews online this is not just another diets fab or anything alike it. It’s the real deal. When you are done with the program. Autumn also offers advice on how to keep the weight off.

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