Kornati Croatia 2/3


Departure time
Hold on cause it’s gonna get rocky, laughing so much right now, I’m just joking. When we set sail, we were enjoying the scenario :)) here are a few pictures … A picture is worth a thousand words some of us would say.
On the boat. As you can see, due to the windy conditions not many people were brave enough to go on the trip. You can see another excursion boat in the background. This trip is worth it if you want to the Croatia islands in a “fast” way.
Even though I attend to high school in the town. It still is able to amaze me. Leaving the town with a boat gives you a different and interesting view of the town. This is a beautiful town that you should for sure visit while on the Croatia coast. Like most Dalmatian or as I like to call them “fisherman” towns/cities. Don’t expect a super crazy night life. You’re going to have a “health” night life. Whatever that might mean. You’ll figure it out once you visit the town.

This is me on the boat taking a picture before we left Zadar
Right before we set sail, almost 20 minutes if not less, we got the standard Croatia “Rakija” or Schnapps. Sadly it wasn’t the “sweater” flavored kind such as medica, visnjevaca…etc. I passed on the Rakija… that it just too hard or a liquor for my taste in general. I personally was afraid that I would throw up instantly if I took a sip. My girl friends also passed on the drinks.
Somewhere about half way was offered a sandwich. The bread was delicious! The sandwich was simple. 2 slice of ham and 1 or 2 slices of cheese. To be honest I wish they added a leaf of salad and maybe a slice of tomato, to me it would have made a world of difference. but still since your sailing I personally do not like to eat to much to avoid sea sickness. I had a 1.5 liter of water with me Since I only drink water and coffee and rarely a juice, but it has to be a specific Croatia brand of juice that I only like and drink since it’s not packed with sugar like every other juice in the world.
Most people ran onto the lower deck due to the heat and sun. Most people came unprepared for the trip and didn’t want to get a sunburn so they went to the lower deck to avoid the sun.
On the boat, you can walk around, have a drink on the lower deck where you have a bar. and take pictures, tan, basically do almost anything except jump off the boat and rock the boat 😉

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The crew is excellent. All the announcements are made over a speaker in about 4-5 languages: German, English, Italian and some others that I couldn’t figure out.
The sea was pretty calm until we passed under the bridge. After you pass the bridge if it’s a windy day, the boat will be going up and down a bit more than usual. What might cause some passengers to throw up or possibly feel sick? If you have this tendency, then be sure to check the weather report.
Basically you have so much to see that it’s impossible to take that many pictures but here are a few more.
tomorrow I will post more pictures and write more about my trip around Kornati


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