Kornati Croatia 1/3 part

After many years I finally decided to take a day boat excursion trip to one of the most beautiful places you should see. The “secret” island is called Kornati. If you are going to visit Croatia be sure to visit this place you won’t regret it. So let me describe what awaits you on your trip. First of all a day in advance I strongly advise you check the weather and make sure that it’s not too windy or that they won’t be too many waves. The next thing that you should do is buy the ticket. The price shouldn’t be more than 300kn, at least not from Zadar. The price might be a bit higher if you taking a three-day tour down the Dalmatian coast.

Sunscreen is a must!

Before you leave, I strongly advise you wear sunscreen.
If you are pale – light wear 50 sunscreen
If you are light, medium or dark – wear 30 – 20 sunscreen
The sun reflects off the sea and the sun rays are 10 x stronger. so you must wear sunscreen …I chose to wear a special sunscreen that is intended for sportsmen/women. It basically stays on longer than the normal sunscreen creams/oils…etc. You can buy it at a super cheap price in DM the local drugstore.

What to prepare?

Prepare Money – why? Well, when you get to the island you should have 3 restaurants that you can eat at if you choose not to eat on the boat and you can buy souvenirs.
Prepare a camera – You’ll want to take pictures or record videos. You’ll love the view.
Prepare 2 swimsuits or more. Why? you won’t be able to say no to swimming and you might not get enough time to dry off due to the fun, sun, and sea! OH YEAH!
Prepare something long sleeved – if it’s a windy day it might get “fresh” not cold.  If you get the tendency to get sea sick, go to the pharmacy aka chemist and get any of those travel sickness tablets, but try to get the ones that won’t make you super drowsy, you don’t want to miss the fun. 
  1. BE ON TIME – it’s very important!  Other people get pissed off when the boat doesn’t set sail on time
  2. Keep an eye on your kids – it’s a boat for the love of God!!! If it’s a windy day they could just fall off the boat if they are hanging on the rail or if someone pushes then while playing… So beware… and no one loves badly behaved kids…
  3. relax and suck in Vitamin D.

On the boat
You know the saying ” The early bird catches the worm!” There is a good reason why people use this. If you come earlier you can get better seats. First comes, first serves, policy is very valid.

Here is the picture of our boat
We bought a ticket on this boat because it was recommended by a friend. I can recommend this boat and crew if you’re going to be in Zadar. They are located right across the bridge before you cross the intersection and enter the town on the main gate. The crew was amazing, friendly, funny and young. The skipper was great he was young and well educated and smart. It’s pretty amazing how he managed to “park” the boat when we came back… I was like… damn this is impressive. There was something sexy about it. My girlfriends laughed and agreed with my statement. I told them when I man manages to do something “hard” like this. it can only be sexy… it’s beyond impressive ( so that my boyfriend knows No, I did not find the skipper sexy in any real way) so that we are clear about this issue.
As you can see, it’s a simple but yet a beautiful boat that has enough shade so, if you have the tendency to burn easily on the sun don’t worry, they got you covered. but still, wear sunscreen. I wish I took a picture of the crew.

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