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Jennifer Lopez Sexy Hairdo Waves In A Few Simple Steps

Jennifer Lopez Red Carpet Sexy Waves Hair Tutorial Golden Globe Awards

What do Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba have in common, except for being ultra-sexy? They both have those sexy waves hairdo, that’s what! So today I wanted to show you an amazing video that I found online that you will for sure love and find very helpful to get those very trendy and sexy waves! Can you believe that it will only take you five simple steps to get these sexy waves? I know I can’t so this is why I was super excited when I found this tutorial. I want my hair done in 10 minutes or less and now this tutorial will teach you how to get the Jennifer Lopez sexy waves in a few simple steps in this hair tutorial.

Jennifer Lopez Sexy Wave hair tutorial

This Jennifer Lopez sexy waves hair tutorial was made by popsugartvbella. Now get ready and listen up! Here are a listen of things that you will need to get these sexy waves no mater the dress or event! I have written down the few simple steps on how to get these sexy waves but make sure that you also watch the video for specific details as how to get them perfectly since the written step by step tutorial might not be enough! I hope that you like this tutorial and please leave a comment telling me if you like hairdos like this. I know that these are perfect for fancy events or even prom hairdo!

Jennifer Lopez red carpet waves hair tutorial

A few simple steps to get Jennifer Lopez red carpet sexy waves hairdo

  1. Start with day old hair! 
  2. Add a hair serum to the ended of your hair
  3. Create a deep side part on the right or left side of your head
  4. Curl your hair, curl outwards & towards your head
  5. Add hairspray
  6. If desired lightly comb your hair and add bobby pins to set hair


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