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Catrice Defining Blush Think Pink Makeup Review

Catrice Defining blush 040 think pink makeup review swatches recenzija

Today’s makeup review is from Catrice Defining Blush in 040 Think Pink I got some swatches for you. You might have read my other makeup review from last week, Catrice Defining Blush Love & Peach, if you haven’t get on clicking and check out the review from last week. So to kinda make thing review interesting and to avoid a copy and paste review of this blush let me mention the most important facts about this blush so that you know if this blush is for you or maybe the other Catrice Defining blush in love & peach is more for you! Keep reading and stay tune for some swatches below that just might be amazing!

Makeup Review Catrice Defining Blush

Ok, now looking at the packaging of the blush I must admit I love it because it’s clear, plastic and simple. I personally love this kind of packaging since you can see right away what product you are reaching for.  Now let’s look at the product details for this makeup review of Catrice Defining Blush in 040 Think Pink. The package contains 5 gram of products what is quite a lot. Looking at the backside it shows an expiration date, which means that you have to open and use it by that date but once you do open the blush it start expiring and after 12 months it’s not recommended to use anymore since it’s considered to be expired.


Catrice Defining Blush Think Pink Pros Cons

One this that I forgot to mention last time and to be full honest, I had no idea that Catrice was made in Poland. You also might not know but Inglot is also a make brand made in Poland. Besides that the blush does also remind me of the second blush in the Sigma Beauty Paris Makeup Palette. Both blushes have more of a red pigment and in my opinion perfect for medium to darker skin. This makeup review product, Catrice Defining Blush in 040 Think Pink is a soft and silky blush so it really goes on and blends with ease! The blush is very pigmented so be careful of how much you apply and my advice is to apply the blush bit by bit. When blushes like this pigmented are applied I do advise less is more! When the blush is applied it lasts on the skin for about 7+/- hours. The blush color is best for all undertones. The price of the blush is very reasonable and it’s extremely well pigmented for drugstore blushes to be honest!


Makeup Review Conclusion Catrice Defining Blush Think Pink

To conclude this makeup review of Catrice Defining Blush in 040 Think Pink, I do this personally that this whole collection from Catrice Defining Blushes turned out to be better than what I ever expected. Before this collection I wasn’t a fan of Catrice but this time around these blushes from Catrice are amazing and I do recommend them. The price is excellent, you get a good amount of product and it’s very well pigmented! Do you have any of these Catrice defining blushes? Which shade do you have? Do you agree with my review? Leave comment below telling me your experience with this blush or if you plan to get it!


  • affordable
  • drugstore makeup
  • for every undertone
  • 5 gram of product
  • expiration date 12 months after opening
  • very pigmented
  • packaging


  • brand not available for some


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