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How to apply false lashes like a pro makeup artist makeup 101 makeup for beginners

Today’s makeup 101 beginner makeup tutorial the focus is on How to apply false lashes. I know that when I started off with makeup this was one of the things that I had a hard time doing. My lashes were always either too long or making my eye look droopy. I keep getting asked how to apply fake lashes and I said, you know what, it’s time to show you all how I apply my fake lashes in a few simple steps. I wanted to record this since doing a picture tutorial would be pointless and I believe that with a video demonstration you can see more. If you have any additional questions please don’t feel hesitant to ask away on my youtube comment section below the tutorial.

How to apply false lashes like a pro

Here is the list of the products that you will need in order to apply your lashes like a pro. You will need any smaller scissors, a table mirror or a hand mirror, any lash adhesive (glue) that you prefer, tweezers and your favorite lashes, I like my Hed Kandi lashes and Ardells. These are the basic things that you will need, if you don’t have them then I highly advise you run out and get what you are missing. If you do not own tweezers feel free to use your fingers instead. I know many makeup artist that like to use their fingers instead of their hand when applying false lashes. For further detailed instructions, make sure to watch the makeup 101 how to apply false lashes like a pro makeup tutorial.

How to apply false eyelashes like a pro makeup artist

Makeup 101 how to apply fake lashes

If you prefer to rather read how to apply fake lashes then here is a step by step instructions for you that you can read and then watch the video to get the full picture if you prefer to learn that way. No matter what practice makes perfect, remember that! Just keep trying and you will be able to apply your fake lashes in no time and with time in a few seconds. So make sure to practice and have fun and enjoy your false lashes

How to apply fake lashes

  • 1. Remove fake lashes from container (pull them down with your thumb)
  • 2. Pick them up with your fingers or tweezers and measure them against your eyelid to see if you need to shorten them
  • 3. If the lashes are to long, cut the outer end of the lashes with your scissors
  • 4. Apply lash adhesive to the backbone of your lashes
  • 5. When tacky, apply your lashes to the center of your eyelids (near your lash line) and then with your fingers or tweezers press the lashes onto your eyelids. Make sure to not apply your fake lashes on your lashes since you will rip them off.
  • 6. When you are happy with how you applied them then lightly press them up and let them dry fully



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