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Fall Wish List Items (Makeup Books)

Usually I have a short makeup list of items that I want to buy or I just buy samples, but this time around I wanted to show you the books that I wanted to buy. Here are a few makeup books that I wanted to add to my makeup collection. I love makeup books and theses are a few ones that I plan to get.

Makeup Books wish list 

Jemma Kidd Make-up Secrets

Francois Nars – Makeup your minds express yourself

Scott Barnes – Face to Face

Karala B – Body Art Fashion

Rae Morris – Timeless Makeup

Your Thought

What makeup books do you have? Which one is your favorite one? Which ones do you want to buy?

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  • onjel

    Makeup is Art is one of the most gorgeous makeup books I own. I also have Scott Barnes’ About Face…so I wonder how Face to Face would be since I liked it. Rae Morris the Ultimate Guide was a great read…It seems the books on your list, I have other books by those authors lol. But being that I love the ones I have, I’m sure those are probably worth checking out…Maybe I will!

    • Smashinbeauty

      I have to get all those books they look like such a good read 😀 I already have a few books by Rae Morris but I heard good things bout face to face so I am for sure going to get it

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