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Dangers of Decorative Contact Lenses

In the past few months, if not the whole past year, many youtube gurus and bloggers have been advertising decorative contact lenses. At first glance, I was very excited about the very affordable lenses but on second glance, I was very skeptical about them. I was wondering about the quality and if they were FDA approved.Talking about this issues with a few of my doctor friends, I got a bit of negative feedback. In short, my doctor friends said that many of these contact lenses can pose a big health risk. I mean you are putting something in your eye. After doing some more research about these online contact providers I found out a few facts.

  1. The cheap decorative contacts are usually from China or Asia. Even though this might not mean nothing. You have many good and bad things coming from China or Asia, just like from any other country.
  2. They really do offer a wide range of products.Meaning many different colors, pictures on contacts…etc. what is pretty cool.
  3. Many of them are NOT FDA approved! This is the most important fact.
Now, who ever wears contact should be aware of the many dangers that can come with wearing contacts. I personally have, due to poor care, caused my vision to deteriorate. Thank you ignorance.
Some of you are asking yourself, but what are the dangers? According to an FDA spokesperson, that was interviewed in some local newspapers:

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